The Ultimate Guide to Rocket League’s Most Expensive Item

Rocket League is one of the biggest item-swapping and trading games in the world, and it just so happens to have the bonus of playing a powerful mini-soccer with vehicles for those who want to drop some cargo early on a market that becomes hectic. If you’ve played Rocket League, you know the role of commerce and the player-driven economy in the game.

In the years since Rocket League’s debut, the game has continued to grow, and the latest free update has only increased the player base by tens of millions of players. More players mean more trades, which means a bigger economy.

And Rocket League players enjoy trading products almost (if not more) as much as they enjoy crashing into each other at high speed. The only more satisfying than hitting an explosive target is somersaulting, hitting the mark, or those golden wheels.

So much so that some players play the game to fuel the business side; nothing beats showing off a premium wheelset or getting some shiny new TW Octane Tokens down that aisle. But the TW Octane token is quite expensive, which in many ways makes it a legitimate pass in this niche.

But you have to ask yourself: What is the most expensive item in Rocket League? Which item can make you the most dollars? After researching current price indicators on various websites, we have the answer.

The most expensive Rocket League item on PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch

Accessing the most expensive item in Rocket League can get murky. Commonly traded items, even high-quality ones like TW Octanes or Zomba, are generally accurately priced on most Rocket League price indexes due to their large trading volume.

Ultra-expensive items are hard to track down; Indices use quoted prices to determine an item’s low and high cost, meaning that if an item has yet to sell in months and the list contains a ridiculous number, the algorithm could skew upwards.

Below, we’ve shed light on several options to determine the most expensive item in Rocket League.

The White Apex Forward

  • PCs: 70–90 thousand.
  • Xbox One: 70–90 thousand.
  • PS4: About 80 thousand.
  • .Switch: N/A

The Striker White Apex Wheel is a star wheel with a distinctive star pattern in pure white. An Apex Titanium White wheel without the certification can go as high as 40–50K, depending on the platform. Still, with more in-demand certifications, you can expect to be supplied (or shipped) about twice as much.

Compared to the other items on this list, the Striker White Apex isn’t the most expensive item in Rocket League, but it is one of the most costly and most traded of any other entity.

Gold Rush

  • PC: 400 thousand — XNUMX million and above.
  • Xbox One: 400 — XNUMX million and more.
  • PS4: 400 thousand — XNUMX million and counting.
  • .Switch: N/A

The first of three Alpha items on this list, Gold Rush is a minimal edition that was offered to Alpha testers before the game’s release, so yeah, you’re looking for something nice from OG here in Rocket League, hence the post-luxury price tag.

Prices vary quite a bit, as Gold Rush is one of the rarest items in the game that’s worth a lot of money in the real world, but rest assured that it’s one of the most expensive Rocket League items ever.

Gold cap

  • PCs: 100–110 thousand.
  • Xbox One: from 80 to 150 thousand.
  • PS4: 100-200 thousand.
  • Switch: N/A

Gold Cap is another prehistoric Alpha bonus in Rocket League, a period that changes quite often as the gold rush increases, hence the relatively low (but still pretty wild) price.

The Gold Cap may not be the most expensive item in Rocket League or even the most expensive hat (there are some slightly more expensive options), but it’s the most glamorous, and you can sell it for more than a few TW Octanes Tokens.


  • PC: 300 thousand — 400 thousand.
  • Xbox One: 300 — 400.
  • PS4: 100 — 300.

The Goldstone Wheels are the third and final item in the Alpha Bonus Set, and like the others, it is one of the most expensive items in Rocket League, whose actual value is hard to calculate.

Most benchmarks put these wheels at 300 TW Octanes credits, which aligns with the pre-credit price of around 2100 keys. However, given the wheels’ overwhelming rarity, their actual price depends on the buyer and seller interaction.

If you can’t hold yourself back from getting a bunch of gold stones, and the few owners who have them aren’t inclined to give them away, you may never be able to afford the value. Whereas, if someone else isn’t the same about something you have, like the Striker White Apex, they might be willing to bump the price to something in the insanity range rather than just… you know… impossible.

White hat

  • PC:???
  • Xbox One:???
  • PS4:???
  • Switch:???

There he is—the luxury of the Holy Grail of Rocket League. The White Hat is almost certainly the most expensive Rocket League item ever—a point. The White Hat item is a reward given to players who can locate and report an exploit, hack, or other vulnerability in the game to Psyonix, essentially choosing the more righteous path. The term comes from White Hats and Black Hats, which are meant to separate ethical and unethical hackers, respectively.

White Hat is extremely rare since you have to hack Rocket League successfully and report it to Psyonix. Only some have the technical knowledge and skill to attempt something as daring as trying to hack Rocket League. Therefore, it is almost impossible to determine the accurate and actual price – it is so high according to estimates that there are not enough numbers in some indicators to show the entire price range:

Indeed, there is no such thing as a white hat quality item. It was the rarest item in Rocket League for a long time, and that will likely never change.

If you want a White Hat item but, like 99.999% of the population, don’t have the money to identify a vulnerability in Rocket League, you’re going to have to shell out thousands and thousands of real dollars to buy it or you know, thousands and thousands of dollars to get a comprehensive cyber security degree.

No matter how you get it, the White Hat is the most expensive Rocket League item.

What’s the most expensive item you already own in Rocket League?