The Best Open Source Games You Can Play For Free

Games A great pastime: provides a fun way to pass the time by testing your skills against your friends or opponents worldwide. Even better, what could be more impressive than hands-on Free Games? Welcome to The World of Open Source Games.

Why do you play open source? Are you tired of spending $60 on every new game release? Do you think spending money on games Trading is unethical and want to keep the few cards in your wallet? Or do you want to look at a game’s code? Enter the world of open-source games.

So why do you play open source?

First of all, there are varying degrees of open-source software. For this post, we’ll use a simplified definition:

Any game that allows you to download its source code can be classified as open-source. It is always free as the idea behind the development is not for profit. All the developer wants interactive entertainment and to show their skills to the world.

Among the many reasons why you prefer open-source software, three reasons apply mainly to games:

  • Price. Open-source games are usually free. Open-source and free software are not synonymous, but open-source game developers tend to do it for fun and experience, not profit. Most of them are happy with the appreciation and donations they receive.
  • Trust. Many commercial game development studios (such as Blizzard, EA, Ubisoft, and Valve) have a terrible reputation. It has lost its fans, and some even say it is killing the gaming industry. Open-source game developers are more connected.
  • Experience. If you want to make your games, look at the source code. It can be a great way to learn new concepts and improve your skills. Sometimes, you can also contribute fixes, add features and improvements, thus leaving a tangible mark on your favorite games.

You might think that open-source games. It is intended only for Linux distributions, but that is not true – most can be played on many platforms. Besides, the only thing that matters is whether the game is fun. There is good news for you because the next games are fun, and you can play them on any operating system you own.

27 best open-source games

1. 0 AD

Who is this game for? : For lovers of RTS games who want an alternative to Age of Empires

If you fan Age of Empires, Civilization, or Starcraft, 0 AD is an excellent open-source alternative to implement your multiple strategies. AD 0 began as a total transformation project for Age of Empires II to bring over older civilizations. However, the game has evolved into an open-source project. The engine is now fully 3D, with excellent detail on structures and character models.

The main difference between 0 AD and Age of Empires is that 0 AD keeps track of which region you own. You can build buildings only on your land. This makes some Age of Empires strategies, such as tower running, impossible. There are also a plethora of civilizations unique to 0 AD, such as the Kushites, and the Indo-Mauryan Empire, that we have yet to see in the Age of Empires.

0 AD Featuring real-time strategy and building, economic development, army training, combat, and technology research components, the game includes multiple units and facilities specific to each civilization and land and naval units.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download 0 AD . from here

2. Open MW

Who is it for: Morrowind and Skyrim fans who want a solid RPG platform

OpenMW is not a game, strictly speaking. Instead, it’s a complete remake of the game engine used in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Since its release in 2002, Morrowind has been home to an incredibly active tuning and mod community. Community modification projects like Tamriel Rebuilt have been underway for decades. OpenMW was initially created to overcome some of the limitations of the Morrowind engine, such as its poor implementation of physics.

Ambitious gamers often wanted to do things that weren’t possible with the older Morrowind 2002 engine. With OpenMW, if no feature is present, only hosts with programming experience can add it. This has allowed many new possibilities to emerge. While Morrowind was initially released for Windows and Xbox, OpenMW is available on many platforms. There is now an unofficial Android port. You can find the same 4PDA discussion thread here. You will need an officially licensed copy of Morrowind and its data files to play OpenMW. However, since it’s an open-game engine, anyone can create virtual games with it, so this doesn’t require Morrowind.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

You can download OpenMW from here

3. Super TuxKart

For those Kart racing enthusiasts who want a great alternative to Mario Kart

Tux the Penguin is a mascot of the Linux kernel. Even better, she has her own racing game! SuperTuxKart, as the name suggests, is a Karting racing game with the same style as Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart game. The gameplay of SuperTuxKart is the same.

SuperTuxKart is a free and open-source mini-car racing game where you will drive a miniature Tux through many exotic locations and try to win all the competitions you enter.

You will also be able to use some add-ons that will strengthen your mini-car, which are very similar to those you can find while playing in Super Mario Karts.

SuperTuxKart is a lightweight and kid-friendly alternative to the many paid racing games available on Windows and macOS. And, contrary to what one might expect from an open-source game, the graphics are stunning. Antarctica’s latest update for SuperTuxKart uses a new engine that enables dynamic lighting, depth of field, ambient occlusion, and a full suite of state-of-the-art graphics features.

The best part is that since SuperTuxKart is open source, the community can port it to any platform they like. In addition to the Windows port, there’s a full Android version so you can game and play on the go.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

You can download SuperTuxKart from here.

4. Xash3D

Who is it for: Half-life fans who want an improved PC experience

Similar to OpenMW, Xash3D is not a game itself but an open-source simulation of a game engine. The game engine is GoldSrc, which powers Half-Life, the first-person shooter from 1998. Half-Life was a high-impact, narrative-driven game that significantly impacted how games are played and created first-person shooters—the first since then. The GoldSrc engine was minimal. It was derived from the original Quake Engine, one of PC’s first 3D game engines. The machine itself limited the lighting and polygon count for the character models.

Also, due to the game’s great age, running the original on modern hardware took a lot of workable released a new patchy version of Half-Life using their Source engine, Half-Life: Source. The community widely spreads this release despite turning off many features and introducing new bugs. Xash3D, an open-source remake of the original machine, aims to provide the best way to play the original game on modern devices. It will work efficiently on new Windows devices. With Half-Life’s simple graphics, Xash3D will run the game great on even the simplest devices. Like OpenMW, there is an unofficial Xash3D port for Android. Aside from the exclusive Nvidia Shield Half-Life 2 port, this is the

If you have a licensed copy of the original game (or can get one online for pennies), we highly recommend you try Xash3D on Windows and Android. There’s also FWGS, Xash3D’s main competitor, with other great features, like VR support.

Available  For Windows, Android

You can download Xash3D from here

5. Xonotic

For all fans of FPS multiplayer games looking for a great alternative to Overwatch

This game is for the fans of first-person shooters. Call of Duty and Overwatch have substantial fan bases, primarily in creating and shooting fast-paced narrative multiplayer games. But before these recent releases, Quake was the progenitor of a multiplayer first-person shooter that completely changed the concept of what is possible in games in 1995. But Quake has always been skill-based and fast-paced. Recently shooter games, including PUBG, have opted for a slower, more respectful approach. But not with Xonotic.

This open-source game is the direct successor of Quake. It is based on DarkPlaces Engine, an open-source remake of Quake Engine with support for modern graphical effects. Many of Quake’s unique strategies, such as skydiving, are entering Xonotic. If you love multiplayer shooting games but want an open-source alternative, Xonotic is your best choice.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download Xonotic from here

6. Alien arena

Alien Arena, formerly called CodeRED: Alien Arena, is a game similar to Quake and Unreal Tournament. While there are objective-based game modes, it’s mostly about killing your opponents. And if you love to compete, you’ll love the global stats leaderboard.

Available for Windows and Linux.

You can download Alien Arena from here

7. Advanced Armagetron

Armagetron Advanced is a 3D clone of Tron. You’re wandering a “cycle of light,” leaving a trail of a wall, and your goal is to destroy your enemies before they happen. It is a simple yet fun game with three ways to play, which adds more joy.

Armagetron Advanced is as addictive as the classic games of this genre. You decide whether to challenge the computer or your friends.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download Advanced Armagetron from here

8. Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a management strategy game that combines resource management and tactical combat. It is played on a hex map, and there is an RPG element as units can level up and grow to become more powerful. Despite the game’s simple rules, it’s surprisingly deep.

The game also has a built-in map editor and can create custom content (such as campaigns) through an add-on system. You can develop plugins using a combination of Wesnoth Markup Language and Lua.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

You can download Battle for Wesnoth from here

9. Dungeon Stone Soup Crawl

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS) is hands down the best roguelike game out there right now. It is the only Roguelike game consistently mentioned on the same level as the Big Four: NetHack (1987), Angband (1990), ADOM (1994), and ToME (1998).

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup continues the fantastic Dungeon Crawl, a roguelike game inspired by the classic games Moria and NetHack.

In this game, as in the original Dungeon Crawl, you can choose from many races and classes when creating your character: half-dog, naga, magical orc, goblin, troll, human, jungle fairy, or dwarf. You will have the choice between different races and character models.

And you can watch other DCSS players in real time! How cool is that?

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Web.

You can download Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup from here

10. Free Civilian

Freeciv is a strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization and is an open-source clone of the famous game Civilization and Age of Empires. You can play in single-player and multiplayer modes, and we highly recommend using the web client.

Each player has to lead their civilization by building and developing cities and increasing their importance to achieving a vital goal: eliminating all other cultures so that their society becomes the most important.

Freeciv offers good features and a good graphics engine, you won’t miss any features included in similar games, and you can enjoy an online multiplayer experience.

Your goal is to turn your stone age civilization into the most powerful society on the planet. The strength of your culture is measured by the number and size of cities you control. And, of course, you will be able to construct additional buildings, which will also help your civilization.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web systems.

You can download Libero Civile from here

11. Freedom

Freedom is an open-source clone of Doom. Doom’s source code is also open, but the assets (such as graphics and sounds) are still licensed. Freedom aims to create accessible content that allows the game to go open source completely free.

FreeDoom consists of 32 scenes and three difficulty levels, all completely original assets that do not infringe the rights of the creator of the original game. However, FreeDoom is just an IWAD file, meaning you need a game engine to run it.

Download a compatible Doom engine, such as ZDoom  (recommended) or  Crispy Doom, to play Freedom.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems.

You can download Freedom from here

12. Hedgewars

Although the graphics provided by Hedgewars are not as good as those offered by Worms, Hedgewars is an entertaining game with similar gameplay to what we are used to in Worms, but this time the characters are curly.

You will form your forces, and your goal is to eliminate all the soldiers of the squad or other squads. Choose the weapon from your armory, aim, and shoot; it’s a fantastic and fun game.

Hedgewars offers us many different scenarios with unique designs.

Besides that, Hedgewars also offers three different game modes: single-player mode, two-player mode, or multiplayer mode, where you can play online with or against people from all over the world.

Eliminate all hedgehogs, win the battle, and enjoy playing.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

You can download Hedgewars from here

13. MegaGlist

MegaGlest is a real-time strategy game that emphasizes grand battles and epic adventures. Based on the now-defunct Glest, MegaGlest combines imagination and technology to create a unique experience. The engine is adjustable enough for players to create total transformation mods.

MegaGlest is a free and open-source strategy game that takes place in real-time in a fantasy world where seven major factions are at war.

These factions (Mages, Technocrats, Indians, Romans, Northerners, Persians, and Egyptians) constantly confront each other on the battlefield to impose dominance of their civilizations on the rest. Each faction has unique buildings and units, with advantages and disadvantages over different sections.

At the start of each battle, your main goal is to find and collect as many resources as possible. These resources range from energy, stones, wood, and food and are necessary to construct the different buildings and units you will develop throughout the game.

You have to be very careful with your investment of resources because they are limited. A series of wrong decisions can lead to inevitable defeat at the hands of your enemies.

MegaGlest is a meticulously detailed real-time strategy game that follows the legendary Glest game (but is not an extension of it) to bring you a similar experience, where planning and intuition of war trump skill and reflexes.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download MegaGlist from here

14. Mini tests

Want to Play Minecraft  Without Paying a High Price? Or are you dissatisfied with Minecraft’s vision and point of view? Check out Minetest, an open-source clone that goes back to the origins of gaming.

Minetest is an adventure, survival, and freestyle game inspired by Minecraft. The difference between them is that this game is open source. Thanks to this feature, any user can upload any new content to it.

This game brings you the same creative sense as Minecraft. This means you can break blocks, place them, craft tools and other things, build buildings, and construct anything you can imagine. You can do all this in two game modes: sandbox and normal. At first, you will have an unlimited block cache; in the usual way, you will have to work hard to survive.

The best thing about Minetest is that it allows you to play online with friends by creating and building on your own servers. It also allows you to share space with more than ten players. It will enable all of you to collaborate on creating any building.

Minetest is the best free alternative to Minecraft, with advantages and possibilities that don’t end here but continue according to one’s vision. The best thing you can do is check out the pictures and see the potential and unlimited potential with Minetest.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

You can download Minetest from here

15. Flight equipment

FlightGear is an excellent flight simulator that can be a good alternative to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The developers of this fantastic game have included a database of more than 20,000 real airports worldwide.

The airports included in this simulator are real airports with all the elements you can see in real airports. The landing paths of airplanes, for example, are very precisely designed with their lights, people, and other aircraft, 

From the official website of this program, you can download any airport from around the world to your device.

You can also choose an airplane (from many types available, from Concorde to Santa Sleigh. Also, you can design your plane if you have aircraft design skills.)

What are you waiting for, then? Why not start by downloading this free game and enjoy the flight?

FlightGear includes real-time weather models drawn from METAR data, which means you can be in the middle of a storm if you don’t check the maps before you take off. A multiplayer option lets you travel with friends (or someone can control the air traffic control tower).

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download FlightGear from here

16. Nethak

Nethack is a roguelike game where you must dive deep into a randomly generated dungeon searching for the Yendor amulet that grants your hero immortality.

However, achieving this goal will take work. Dungeons are always randomly generated, differ from each other, and include more than fifty levels. Each level consists of many enemies and ambushes that will eliminate your character, and when that happens, the game will be over, and you will not be able to get it back or revive your hero.

When creating your character, you can choose from different classes, such as warrior, savage, wizard, thief, or monk; You can also choose the race, gender, and name you want. On the other hand, if you don’t want to worry about those things, you can still generate a random character. However, your character can die quickly…

Nethack originally had no graphical environment and was played exclusively on a text interface. The opposite of how things have been now is that you can run the graphics in its early stages, which makes the game more accessible.

Nethack is a challenging game, one of the most demanding games ever. Getting all the instructions you can give your character is a challenge. At the same time, reaching the XNUMXth level alive remains an almost impossible goal.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems.

You can download Nethack from here

17. Open RA

Along with titles like Age of Empires and Warcraft, Command, and Conquer helped bring the real-time strategy genre into the spotlight in the 1990s. Red Alert is probably the best game in the series so far, and not just because of the nostalgia factor.

OpenRA is a synchronous strategy game compatible with classic modes developed by Westwood Studios Command and Conquer and Command and Conquer: Red Alert that you can download via the OpenRA interface.

After installing OpenRA (not a game itself but rather a platform to support games), you can download the new Command and Conquer: Red Alert version. You will be able to play solo (i.e., against the computer) or directly over the Internet, where you will find players similar in their abilities to play against.

New to OpenRA from the classic Command and Conquer game is the graphics. This graphic has been modified to fit modern screens. OpenRA allows you to enjoy the same simultaneous strategy of the XNUMXs but with new graphics in step with the times.

In any case, what distinguishes OpenRA is that it is an application that allows you to adopt different modalities. The official modes forum has a hundred topics where users can share their productions.

OpenRA is the best way to enjoy the classic Command and Conquer game. It’s fun for people who like synchronous strategy games with an old-school flavor.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download OpenRA from here

18. Open RCT2

OpenRCT2 is an open-source restructuring of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, the 2002 simulation game that lets you create and manage theme parks and, more importantly, design and build roller coasters.

Since the original game contents are still licensed, you must install a legitimate copy of RCT2 to run OpenRCT2. It only costs $10 (on Steam or GOG), so that’s a minor issue at worst.

But why would you want to play OpenRCT2? First, it lets you play on platforms other than Windows. Secondly, you get additional features like an improved interface, fast steering, and performance. Thirdly, you can play OpenRCT2 in multiplayer mode.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download OpenRCT2 from here

19. Open TTD

OpenTTD is an open-source remake of the classic 1995 strategy game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe,” a business simulation game where you manage a transport company to maximize profits. OpenTTD offers many additional features and improvements over the original game. In this game, you must create a transport network between different cities, from which you will earn profits and fill your pockets with money.

The regular game takes place between 1950 and 2050. During this time, players need to achieve the highest possible score by developing a sound and permanent source of income, owning a massive fleet of vehicles, and delivering lots of goods to their destinations.

Initially, players can use cars and vans to establish regular commercial transportation lines that make little money. But as you progress through the game, you can establish air and sea transport lines, which will significantly increase your income (in general).

Naturally, the technology available in the game will evolve as the game progresses and over the years. In this way, you will be able to benefit from new technological developments, and you will need to be constantly evolving.

OpenTTD is one of the most popular free games and one of the most popular free management games because it is an excellent game. At first, as with most strategy games, you’ll have to get used to the interface, but once you give it a chance, you’ll find it has great potential.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems.

You can download Open TTD from here.

20. RVGL

Controlling street car racing, abandoning restrictions, and gaining the power to destroy your opponents sounds like what you want to do. You should try RVGL, the improved and open-source version of the classic Re-Volt.

RVGL lets you enjoy RC car racing at higher resolutions, anisotropic and MSAA filtering, comprehensive audio enhancements, peer-to-peer multiplayer, and more.

Available For Windows, Linux, and Android systems.

You can download RVGL from here

21. Sauerbraten

Do you like action-packed and thrilling FPS games? Do you want to face people from all over the world in new environments and for free? Today it is possible thanks to Sauerbraten.

Sauerbraten is an open-source action game that throws you into a fantasy world of monsters and evil creatures that will attack you mercilessly.

The scenes and characters were well-designed together, resulting in a good game.

Sauerbraten offers you different game modes, which can be classified into single-player or multiplayer modes. And if you decide to join a multiplayer game, you will be able to play against thousands of players worldwide.

If you want action, fun, and adventure, Sauerbraten will be an excellent choice.

The only downsides to Sauerbraten? The small base of a few dozen concurrent players per day and idle development, with the last update released in 2013.

Similar games included Assault Cube (also open source) and Urban Terror (It’s not open source but free and boasts a more extensive player base).

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download Sauerbraten from here

22. The world

Teeworlds is a fun online game where you will participate in a big battle by controlling a tiny monster on many battlefields.

Fight with weapons to attack your enemies and repel their attacks. And the game modes in this game are the ones we are used to in games of this genre: a team battle or a person battle, check the list of services, connect to the Internet, and then go into battle.

You will find different weapons in the center of the battlefield, a hammer, a samurai sword, and a bazooka. You will also find health points and shields.

Use the harness to scale walls and traverse dangerous areas at top speed.

Although it seems very simple at first glance, Teeworlds will fascinate you when you try it.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download Teeworlds from here

23. The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod is a first-person action and stealth game inspired by the popular Thief games developed by Looking Glass Studios. This game was originally a modded version of Doom 3, where before, you had to have this game installed on your computer. But The Dark Mod has become a standalone game, but it’s still free to play.

The gameplay here is similar to that of the Thief games. This means that in each mission, you must accomplish various objectives ranging from killing someone to stealing a plane with some exploration. But this game is unique because your hero is not a fighter but a thief.

This means that instead of choosing between different weapons to eliminate your enemies, you will select other equipment that will make your job as a thief easier. Among this equipment, you’ll find smoke bombs to help you escape and disappear quickly, water bombs to help put out the lights, and foam bullets to cushion the impact of your fall. This is in addition to the paddle you use to knock down enemies.

The Dark Mod offers a built-in app allowing you to download dozens of different missions, some of which users have created. And before starting each task, you must buy all the equipment you need, like in the Thief games.

As for the graphics, The Dark Mod is excellent, with pictures and drawings inspired by the famous Thief series, but with great character and scene designs. But the best part of all is the superb lighting effects it includes.

The Dark Mod is one of the best first-person robbery games you can enjoy on your PC, especially if it’s free to play, and it has many possibilities thanks to the level editor provided.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download The Dark Form from here

24. Ryzom Saga

There are few open-source MMORPGs, which is why the Ryzom Saga is so popular. The free MMORPG, which features a level-less system with dynamic environments, is a shining example of how free games can achieve high quality.

Ryzom’s Saga has some great features found in MMO games. You will invade player settlements through invasions, leading to massive battles. We like that AI-controlled animals will attack other creatures, creating a realistic and attractive environment.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download Ryzom’s Saga from here

25. Warsow

Warsaw is a simple shooter game where you have to defeat all your enemies using all the resources that the game offers you.

Warsaw is a game that combines character transport, extensive weaponry, and a futuristic setting to give you hours of fun and destruction.

The open-source project is still in the works and needs some improvements. Still, it’s a perfect game. There are now thousands of users making face-to-face meetings fun and fast-paced.

So far, you can choose between three characters and change their jackets and physical characteristics.

You can play alone against everyone or join a team and play with your friends.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download Warsow from here

26. Cataclysm: dark days ahead

Zombies, dungeons, and amorous horrors await you in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (CDDA), an open-source RPG.

Unlike most roguelikes, CDDA doesn’t have a specific goal to achieve. Survival is the key. Like most survival games, you are fighting the elements of life alongside zombies and other terrifying monsters. This alone gives CDDA incredible depth and play value that will keep you returning more than once.

Like other roguelikes, CDDA features ASCII graphics, which can confuse newcomers to the genre. However, many alternative tile sets make activity via CDDA easier on the eyes.

Available For Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

You can download Cataclysm: Dark Days Coming from here

27. Infinite Sky

Endless Sky is a free and open-source space exploration game. It is a remake of the now-old game Escape Velocity but offers a galactic and space exploration simulation similar to Elite: Dangerous or Star Control.

Endless Sky includes a large-scale single-player campaign, side missions, shipbuilding, and intergalactic space battles.

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

You can download Infinite Sky from here.

Final Words

No single game is “better” on this list. Each open-source game or game engine will be great for different types of gamers. If you want a great racing experience, SuperTuxKart is an excellent alternative to Mario Kart. If you’re from Real-time strategy game lovers, Consider 0 AD instead of Age of Empires – it has better visuals and civilizations you won’t see in the game that inspired it. And if you like shooting games, however, Xonotic offers Quake-like gameplay that is sadly absent in today’s slow-paced shooter world due to PUBG and Call of Duty. You have to go ahead, download one or even all of them. It’s open-source and free, so nothing is stopping you.