Expert Tips for Changing Your Name in Rocket League

Rocket League It’s a great mix of derby destruction and soccer! Yes, what at first seems like two components that you would never have thought of putting together have created something totally ingenious in Rocket League. Who would have thought that motor combat and team sports would go hand in hand the way they do in this game? With tens of millions of players, a thriving esports community, an ever-growing player base, and an elusive judging panel, users love crashing at high speeds and following big-box soccer balls.

But, if you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance anytime you’ve inadvertently violated the dangerous person label and desperately need a name change. In real life, this isn’t very easy.

In the past, whatever login name you used for logging into Rocket League acted as your display name and only changed it by logging back in.

Luckily, learning how to change your name in Rocket League is very easy.

How to change your Rocket ID in Rocket League

It used to be the name you thought was an excellent PSN setup. Your high school name is the name you were given unless you’re willing to use Sony’s free name change option or spend the $ XNUMX cost option to change back.

The same goes for all other connections at that time; Players had to change their credentials based on the platform or store they were playing on, whether Steam, Epic Games, Xbox Live Gold, Switch Online, or PSN.

That is until developer Psyonix decided to back off under pressure from its growing player base to develop an in-game display name separate from their login details, saving millions from the embarrassment of peeping at faceless gamers.

As part of a massive modernization that introduced cross-platform play, Rocket League created the Rocket ID system to help players connect with their friends on other platforms. Now, there’s a solution for those with profile names that aren’t as authentic or as dangerous as their logins.

How to change your name in Rocket League on Xbox One

Changing your Rocket ID on Xbox One is simple. In the main menu, press the RT button. Shows the base platform friends list. Right-click and open Rocket ID friends menu Y . This will show you a text box where you can create a new name that you won’t find embarrassing for five or six months before anxiously changing it again.

How to change your name in Rocket League on Switch

As with the Xbox, press the ZR button in the main menu to bring up your friends list. Use the L و R button To go to the Rocket ID Friends tab To open your Rocket ID. Make sure you’re too embarrassed to continue living with your silly Rocket ID and open the text box where you can enter your new Rocket ID name.

How to change your name in Rocket League on PS4

This might come as a surprise, but changing your name in Rocket League is the same as any other platform. Once in the main menu, press R2 to view your friends list and go to the Rocket ID Friends tab. And rest assured; you can live another day with the constant woe a Rocket ID brings to your home. Choose a new name and press ok.

How to change your name in Rocket League on Steam

Adopting a new character name is easy on Steam, as you need to change your username. Start by hovering over any obnoxious username you’ve thought was suitable for too long in the top menu and clicked My Profile when the dropdown appears.

This will open your user profile. On the right side, click Edit Profile. This will open the general profile settings, where you can enter any ridiculous name you want under Profile Name and click Save Below.

Now all that remains is to open the Rocket League and use the new identity you created with great enthusiasm and false confidence.

Let us know if you have any more questions or if the people you ran away have finally met you!