To 10 Games That Both You and Your Parents Will Love

Do your parents like playing video games? For me, no. They’ve never gambled, and it’s not likely they will.

Gaming is still a relatively young industry. So while many grew up playing games, your parents may have looked at it puzzled. Of course, we all know the wonders it can bring to games. It makes sense that you want to share this hobby with your parents or guardians.

To help the older members of your family get into gaming more efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of the best video games to play with your parents. While these games are still excellent in their own right, they don’t require the sharp memory or quick reflexes that came naturally with games of years ago.

So without further ado, here are the best video games to play with your parents.

1. For educated parents:  Firewatch

Firewatch is an adventure game set in Wyoming. Where you control Henry, who is tasked with spotting fires and lives out his days as he uncovers the mysteries surrounding him.

Firewatch is played from a first-person perspective, so you have to move Henry around and interact with the environment. It’s an easy-to-control game that focuses on telling an engaging story in a seemingly beautiful world. If your parents like to delve into an individual account, you’ll see how much they interact with the Firewatch.

2. For Parents Who Watch TV:  The Walking Dead

Thanks to advances in technology, many games now whose stories can be viewed through movies and TV shows and vice versa. Some are even based on the best existing franchises, such as The Walking Dead. Telltale made a game based on the 2012 TV series, and it’s pure fun, especially if your parents have already seen The Walking Dead.

This game is randomly narrated, giving it the speed of a TV show, and tells an exciting story in a zombie-infested world. Your parents must make difficult choices that make them feel attached to the story. It is not for those who don’t like violence.

3. Parents Who Love Puzzles:  The Witness

If your parents are the type who likes to solve Crossword Puzzles or Sudoku, they will enjoy testing their brains with The Witness. While the game is set on an island of open worlds, it merely serves as the backdrop for around 650 puzzles. The bonding experience can be unique as you solve them together.

The puzzles become very challenging, even if they have a smooth learning curve, so your parents will keep you busy for a long time. Deciphering some of the more challenging puzzles is very satisfying.

4. For cheerful parents: The Secret of Monkey Island

Games don’t always have to be serious, and The Secret of Monkey Island makes that clear. First released in 1990 and remastered in 2009, it remains one of the funniest games ever.

It is a tap-based adventure set during the pirate era. The game follows the story of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who dreams of becoming a pirate and explores fantasy islands while solving puzzles as he prepares to defeat the ghostly pirate LeChuck. The control system is a simple point-and-click task, meaning your parents can focus on solving puzzles and enjoying clever dialogue.

5. For Tech Parents:  Travel

Video games are another art form, clearly evident from Journey. The game can be played solo or multiplayer. The entire adventure is silent, where you guide the mysterious character through a deserted desert. There are sand, dust, night, and hostile creatures that want to attack this strange creature.

The aesthetics of this game are stunning, as is the ethereal soundtrack, and your parents will likely enjoy Journey’s meditative, kinetic experience.

6. For Creative Parents:  The Sims 4

Even if your parents have never played a video game, they’ve probably heard of The Sims. This life simulation has become a cultural phenomenon, and the XNUMXth edition is the perfect entry point.

There’s no particular goal here – instead, players can build and design their own homes, perfect for showing off their creative side. Hence, these inhabited houses can be compatible with one’s needs and desires.

If your parents enjoy playing The Sims, you can use many great The Sims 4 expansion packs to enhance the game.

7. For Parents in the Entrepreneurial World:  Two Point Hospital

Theme Hospital from 1997 was a viral hospital simulation game. Two Point Hospital is its spiritual successor, released in 2018 and developed by a few people. He aims to build and maintain various hospitals, ensuring their safe operation and fulfilling the goals of achieving a healthy life.

While the challenges may be challenging, entrepreneur-minded parents will appreciate this challenge. Don’t worry, though; there’s some humor to keep the experience light and straightforward.

8. For strategy-loving parents:  Civilization VI

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that can be played against the computer or opponents. Take control of a famous historical leader and try to build an empire that lasts all the time, from the stone age to the information age.

Civilization is a very complex game once you get into it, but the helpful tutorials will have your parents to war against Cleopatra or Gandhi in no time.

9. For Parents Who Are Just Kids: Lego Star Wars

There are video games for Lego Infinity characters, but  Lego Star Wars is Still one of the best. It is based on the first six movies and is a perfect cooperative game.

You and your father can play as one of over 120 characters as you fight whatever happens in all the special Star Wars moments. Where you can swing with passersby in Darth Vader, enter a pod race, and more.

10. For animal-loving parents:  Planet Zoo

No matter what animals your parents love, from lions to elephants to flamingos, they will be available at Planet Zoo. It’s a simulation game that aims to create and manage the perfect zoo and keep creatures and humans happy.

However, parents can only focus on building their zoo if they want to. Powerful building tools offer endless opportunities to customize the zoo precisely how you want.

There are even games for children!

We hope your parents find a game they enjoy through this list. And before you know it, they will recommend you play other games 😮 .

Now that your parents play video games, some kids may want to have fun too. If so, our list of the best educational phone games for kids will make both parents and kids happy 🙂 .