The Ultimate Guide to Playing Among Us on Your Chromebook

Stepped Up Among Us Game It has recently become one of the most popular games on Twitch. Although released in 2018, the Game has recently gained a considerable fan base, thanks to everyone staying home. It’s a fun cheat-based game that offers complete multiplayer gameplay and is available on virtually all platforms… except Chromebooks (and Macs).

While some modern Chromebooks support the Among Us Once Out with a few additional settings, some older versions won’t let you install the Game. But there is an easy way around this restriction; let’s quickly look.

How to download Among Us on Chromebook for free

Enable app installs from the Play Store on your Chromebook.

Log in to your Chromebook and open “settings “.

Tap “Apps” in the left sidebar.

Now click the Google Play Store option on the right tab and ensure it is turned on.

You are now ready to start installing, depending on your Chromebook model.

Among Us installs on Chromebooks

Log into your Chromebook and click the Play Store icon to open the Google App Store. Now click on the search bar above.

Search for “Among Us “.

Click the app above once it appears in the search results.

Now Click on Installations Next to Among Us Game Developed by Innersloth LLC.

The Game will now be installed on your Chromebook. Once established, click the icon to launch Among Us.

What if I’m not? Among Us Supported on your Chromebook?

If Among Us Doesn’t support your Chromebook, you won’t be able to install the Game through the Play Store. However, you can install the Game’s APK file, but that has drawbacks. You must enable developer mode and manually disable the secure installation of APK files.

Also, Google will stop providing Chromebook support after you enable developer mode, which is why we don’t recommend this route. Also, enabling developer mode will erase everything on your Chromebook, another issue that most users want to avoid dealing with.

Among Us on Chromebooks

Suggestions for improving controls

As you may have guessed, the version of Among Us, The one that is installed through the Play Store, is the version designed for Android devices. This means it requires a touch screen for proper control. However, there is another control system, Among Us. It makes it easier to play with the mouse. Let’s take a look.

It would help if you ran Among Us on your Chromebook. Now click on “Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Select “Tap” instead of “Game remote “in the Controls section.

Now that the touch is selected, each mouse click will simulate a click on the screen. Your character will now move wherever you click the mouse on the screen instead of having to drag the joystick in every direction. You can also interact with all objects in your vicinity with a single click, making playing Among Us on a Chromebook easier.

How to use the keyboard in Among Us On a Chromebook

If you want to use a keyboard, you will have to click the mouse on the text box to chat Among Us. Once you click on it, the keyboard should activate and allow you to type your message. If you can’t type in the text box, first tap a blank area of ​​the screen and then tap the text box. After that, you should be able to type using the keyboard.

Among Us On your school’s Chromebook

Different Chromebook for school is Significantly different from the devices in the store. If you have a Chromebook for school, your school may have attached steps to sign in to the device with a Google Education account.

Depending on the account restrictions, you may install Among Us if lucky. Go to “settings and click on Accounts “. If this option is available, click the icon “+ To add your personal Google account to your Chromebook.

This is the most crucial step; if you can add a personal Google account to your Chromebook, you can easily install Among Us and other third-party games and applications on your device. But if you’re running into limitations or problems, this option may have been disabled by your school, which means you won’t be able to install unapproved apps or games on your Chromebook.

For users who could add a personal account to their school Chromebook, you can now log into the Play Store, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner, and switch to your account. Once changed, the Play Store layout should change, and you should now have access to all the apps and games Google offers. Just follow the guide above to Install Among Us On A Chromebook from here on out.

We hope this guide has helped you quickly Among Us on a Chromebook. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us using the comment section below.