How to Play Among Us on Mobile and PC: A Comprehensive Guide

Game Among Us Surprised everyone. It currently ranks third in the Steam leaderboards, just behind CS: GO and Dota 2, with hundreds of thousands of players online in real-time at any one time. It also surpassed even hugely popular games like Rainbow Six, PUBG, Team Fortress 2 and the new kid in the pool, Fall Guys.

What makes this weird is that Among Us has been around since 2018, and you probably never heard of it when it was released. It has never been as popular as Fall Guys, born on a nuclear missile with hype. It was a game that had been on the shelves of Steam for about two years before suddenly going from being a decent board game to being incredibly successful to being the most streamed game on Twitch, which often has a following of 180 viewers, more than triple what you get on everything Fortnite or Modern Warfare.

But why? To answer this question, we must first answer each of the following:

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction game that puts four to ten players aboard a spaceship doing their best to initiate liftoff by completing regular missions around the ship. Complete enough assignments, the boat is ready to go, and you win. It would be simple enough if it weren’t for a tiny problem: a lethal alien shape variable.

One (or more) crew members are randomly selected to act as a “copycat”, an assassin whose goal is conformity, pretending to be just someone who offers a helping hand to the best of their ability while carefully assassinating each crew member when there is no one to expose it. The crew wins either by launching the ship or detecting and killing the Imposter first. The “impostor” wins when everyone is a colourful tissue, blood, and bone pile.

Do you support it? Among Us Cross-platform play?

Yes, really! Supports “Among UsUnlimited cross-platform play between PC, iOS and Android, and supports universal matchmaking between groups of players across all three platforms, so in any Among Us challenge, you can expect to play with a mix of PC and mobile players.

You can create your rooms for specific friends, if you have any, or queue up in the automatic playlist, which takes almost no time as the game is full of active players now (so much so that InnerSloth’s servers are under heavy stress)

Why did you become famous among us now?

Success comes Among Us. The game’s surprising and seemingly inexplicable feature is a simple feature: it is a great TV series. Because you, the viewer, sometimes know (or don’t know!) precisely who the killer is, all the scammer’s attempts to blame others, the ensuing drama, discussions and actual gameplay become must-have content. It goes from thrilling to mysterious and addictive, almost as fun as playing it yourself. More, depending on who’s playing.

Once YouTubers and live stream screens like Mr Beast , Shroud,  xQcoW In pushing the game, interest has increased exponentially. People loved it, so more content was created, more people were drawn in, and more content was produced. You’ve reached a tipping point where everyone is suddenly playing Among Us, so there is no need to join now.

This surge of interest, coupled with unlimited cross-platform gameplay and, most importantly, free mobile ports, made the game so easy to access that suddenly, not everyone alive had a good reason not to try it, and once you played Among Us… stay with you.

Should you get the PC version or the mobile version?

The game’s mobile port doesn’t offer the same experience as the PC version, but it’s free, so no doubt some gamers will wonder if it’s worth paying $5 for the PC version when you can enjoy your time for free on iOS and Android. And the answer is, well, it’s just a matter of preference.

The main difference is the control setup. The mobile version uses an on-screen joystick that some may find a bit bulky or floating compared to the WASD buttons, and the mouse precision will undoubtedly come in handy during high-stakes moments.

The game was worth five bucks, even more considering the number of hours of enjoyment the game can give you. The price of a cup of coffee (less, depending on where you go), when balanced against the sheer exhilaration that comes with sneaking through vents to kill another crew member or having someone else take over the responsibility for your crimes and seeing them successfully deported are some of the funniest moments In multiplayer now, you will be given your money’s worth many times over.

But if you’re just a regular gamer and don’t care if you win or lose (considering the magic of an Among Us game, not the outcome), you should stick with mobile. Or download it to your iPad and see if you like it enough to spend $5. Or do none of that and sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the chaos unfold on Twitch remotely.

No matter which method you choose, Among Us, She is excellent entertainment.