The Top 14 Web-Based Hardest Games That Will Make You Want to Pull Your Hair Out

Are you looking for time to relax AND be stress-free, play easy and less demanding games on your intelligence? Well, that’s a shame because you’ll get nothing but impossible challenges with some of the most complicated online games!

Do you like to play a challenging game now and then? An added thrill comes with trying to take on and win tough matches.

So, to help you get what you want, we’ve compiled the most demanding online games you can play in your web browser.

These games run through built-in tools like WebGL, so you don’t need to install old plug-ins like Adobe Flash.

1. Exit84

Esci84 is a platform game with a slight difference in its methodology. Instead of using the arrow keys to move your character, you instead type-specific sequences that appear on the screen. Once typed, your character moves there.

The game rapidly increases in difficulty; more and more enemies shoot all kinds of obstacles at you. Stretch those fingers.

2. Wave racing

Wave Running  Is a fast-paced platform game about completing 33 trials in the shortest time.

The controls take some getting used to, but that’s part of the challenge. It will soon be flying over high potholes and bouncing off walls. However, you will need good reaction and response time to avoid repeated death.

3. Single output

The supervillains of the galaxy are on the loose  Singled Out  It’s up to you to catch them and get rid of their evil in a crowd of innocent people.

You get three selectable features and a short time to locate and shoot the criminal. The game quickly becomes difficult as the number of faces increases, and they all start to look alike. You only need to hit the wrong person, and it’s game over.

4. Color filler

Color Fill is a grid-based puzzle game where you have to fit all the colored squares into their respective slots. One wrong move, and you may have to restart the level.

Color Filler starts simple, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. You must engage your logic to reach this level’s end fully.

5. Pixhop

You can watch  Pix Hop Simple, but none of this you will find. You can control a bouncing white square in this endless platformer. The more you move and the more coins you collect, the higher your score will be.

Of course, many enemies fly in front of your face, and the floor falls randomly. Keep jumping!

6. Pogo postman

Delivering mail is challenging in the wind and rain, but what about a pogo stick? Put yourself, Pogo Postman. You are in this exact position and must face rugged terrain while jumping to deliver messages.

In a nice touch, you can select a wish the user has sent before starting and sending your desire.

7. Zigzags

It will be ziG ZAG  Soothing if not tricky. You’ll likely last up to a minute or two in this game.

You can control a colored line within a zigzag shape. The screen rotates constantly, and you must use the arrow keys to push the line in the right direction. However, with the ever-changing trend, this is a challenging feat.

8. Rocket launcher

Usually, rockets are not fired from catapults, but Rocket Launcher is Not concerned with logic. You have to spin the catapult and then fire your missile using boosters to control its trajectory.

You can enable slow motion for more precise control, but be careful not to land in water or run out of fuel. Bonus points are awarded for skill and style.

9. Dodge

Dodge  Is a reaction-based game where you control a circle with the mouse pointer. Enemies are constantly flying your way, and you must be avoided. An added challenge comes from the ever-changing landscape.

If you want to make dodging more challenging, go to settings and change the difficulty level. You can also change the color palette; Each style has its leaderboard to keep you busy for a long time.

10. Crazy

In  Insane, you control a rolling square that you must aim toward the end of the course. You can slow down the court, but be careful to avoid traps or fall off the edge.

Insane spans 50 levels and increases in difficulty as you progress. He also has a clever sense of humor, making sure you laugh as your square rolls off the edge for the hundredth time.

11. You have to win the game.

You must win the game. That’s the name and purpose of this addictive browser platform game. This exploration platform is designed to look like it was running on your computer screen in the 1980s.

The game is solid enough by default, but you can boost it by choosing the Extra Spicy campaign and enabling YOLO mode, which turns off checkpoints and doesn’t allow respawning.

12. Streamlines

The point of  Streamline is to enlarge the font until it reaches the purple square. You control direction but not distance. Therefore, you have to collide with other blocks and boosters to avoid falling into traps.

The game starts easy but quickly becomes very challenging. If you complete all levels, there is an endless mode with procedurally generated puzzles.

13. Divine trials

Climb into your chariot and battle some formidable adversaries from the Greek civilization  Divine Trials. This is a killing game where your screen is constantly littered with bullets you must dodge.

You only have three lives, so you must control your vehicle perfectly.

14. Almost killed me

It almost killed me. It is a game that represents the difficulties creators face when trying to create something. Fittingly, it is also challenging.

It’s a 2D platformer where you control an animated character who jumps through a modern world. All you have to do is move and jump. Sounds easy. Just avoid all these peaks.

More online browser games to play

These demanding browser games will keep you busy – and possibly frustrated – for a long time. We wish you success and happiness.

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