Educate and Entertain: The Best Internet Safety Games for Kids

Today’s children grow up in the digital age, where they are exposed to all the wonders and dangers of the internet. It’s essential to educate children about Online safety: content, fraud, and the people who live there. What better way to do this than with games?

Many children like to exercise. Games Parents should know this too. We will look at some free games that teach kids about the modern perils of being online while allowing them to have fun simultaneously.

1. Interland

It would help if you trusted Google to do its best in creating outstanding online experiences. Prepare  Interland Part of Google’s Be Internet Awesome, which contains many great resources for parents and educators to educate children about Internet safety.

This game lets kids play as little robotic trainees and teaches about cyberbullying, phishing, data protection, and more. These topics are taught through various minigames scattered across the floating islands.

The educational content of this game is great, but kids will love it because of its high production values ​​and entertaining games. They may not even realize that they are learning while having fun.

2. Cyber ​​Defense Quiz

Themed with Superheroes Fun, the goal of the Cyber ​​Defense Quiz is to answer as many questions as possible to unlock a colorful collection of superheroes and villains.

The test teaches children a variety of security topics, such as email attachments, password strength, cybercrime, and more.

Although the questions presented are great, playing with your children is best. This is because the game doesn’t explain why the answer is wrong, so it’s worth having an adult on hand to help explain.

Once this test is done, there are more games with similar themes in  The Carnegie Cyber ​​Academy.

3. The case of the cybercriminal

Who knew cybercriminals shopped at Spymart? The fun concept for this game is that kids have to answer test questions to eliminate the cybercriminal. The player can remove a dangerous tool from the criminal’s bag for each question answered correctly.

The main topic of this multiple-choice test is online theft protection. This includes using strong passwords, knowing who you’re talking to, and updating apps like your antivirus app. A simple dexterity challenge is among the questions: tap the criminal’s face as he moves between screens to answer the following question.

This game has fun music and a simple animation style. Kids will definitely enjoy the spy themes and laugh at the silly James Bond gadgets in the bag. At the same time, it’s also great to teach about personal information protection.

4. Band Runners

Regardless of online safety,  Band Runner It’s a fun game. Your child chooses to play as Eli or Sam and must time their jumps correctly to help them avoid obstacles. He can also use his gadgets to knock down barriers – after all, Elie and Sam party!

If no obstacle is removed, Ellie or Sam will trip, and one will fall. The child then has to answer a 50/50 type question before proceeding; for example, if he is sure, Share a video Or tell someone her age.

The game speeds up after each level, presenting a challenging challenge that will captivate the kids who want to get to the end. All the while playing, kids learn about internet safety.

5. Internet Security Executioner

Everyone knows how to play Hangman! This version is intended for classic games Teaching children how to talk to others online and what information should not be shared online.

With just ten questions, you can complete them quickly. In addition to teaching best practices, such as not telling someone your age, this test goes further and is known for terms like “link” and “chat.”

Kids can continue until they reach 100 percent or until Hangman is completed due to incorrect assumptions. It’s a simple game, but worth a try for a quick refresher on some essential internet safety tips.

6. Pirates of privacy

Children need to know how to protect their personal information online Privacy Pirates is a great game that helps their education. The goal is to create a map that will eventually lead to some pirate treasure.

Animated with funny cartoons and audio commentary, this game uses test questions to help kids understand the value of their privacy and how context can influence what information they share.

If a player gets stuck, there’s a permanent clue at hand to point you in the right direction – and even if they answer the question incorrectly, the game cares more about education than punishment.

7. Cyber ​​Five

Cyber ​​Five is a fun and colorful animation about Hippo and Hedgehog, two friends learning the golden rules of online safety.

After watching, children can take a test or challenge: the questions are the same, but the first one allows for more attempts to get the correct answer. The questions revolve around what one should do in certain situations, such as if someone asks for a private password or sends a mean message.

If you need more time, this animation and game is a quick and fun way to teach the basics of Internet safety.

Find out how to stay safe online.

We hope your kids will enjoy playing the games we mentioned and learn something about online safety while they are there. If you need help, you can limit what your child can watch. Also, check out these Portable Educational Games To make the time spent with the smartphone productive for your kids.

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