The Ultimate Guide to Gaming Tournaments: Dates and Locations

There are some great gaming shows, hosting conversations, revealing the latest developments, and posting promos from all the biggest and best in the business.

While most people have already heard of E3, other significant gaming events showcase the latest gaming news, releases, and hardware. 

Let’s look at some of the annual in-game events you can attend.

1. Gamescom

Have Gamescom The title of the largest video game event, which received around 370,000 visitors and over 1000 booths in 2019.

This four-day video game exhibition in August covers everything from high-end hardware to game engines that push the envelope. The 2021 online event attracted more than 63 million users and was watched for 5.1 million hours.

In 2022, after a two-year hiatus, the event will return to its physical location in Cologne, Germany, rather than online—tickets for the event range from $32 for one day to $10 for a single night. Of course, there is also a live broadcast of the essential parts of the fair, but for the whole experience, a visit to the host city Cologne is a must. If the distance is too far, the event will be streamed live via his YouTube channel and several other channels, such as Xbox and IGN.

Undoubtedly, getting to the event will be king of the shows, but making the journey can be challenging for some. For anyone with access to the actual event, there are both sections for the business aspect of the deal to give developers the ability to connect with potential industry leads and a more hands-on area

For the casual visitor, this entertainment district will be the main reason to visit, as it is a must-do to experience the latest games and technologies while talking to the people who develop them.

2. PAX

This event was initially called the Penny Arcade Expo. It was started in 2004 to provide a dedicated arcade for all games. PAX shares its focus on board games, arcades, and video games, so its scope is broader than other events on this list.

PAX takes place in numerous locations worldwide on multiple dates throughout the year. PAX East begins in April and takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, a few months after PAX West is in Seattle, Washington, in September. Melbourne, Australia, hosts the third event of the year in October, and the final event, PAX Unplugged, concludes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

PAX tickets for East, West, and Australia range from $235 for full-time four-day access to $62 for a single-day ticket. PAX Australia is the cheapest option, but PAX East is the most popular. All events can also be streamed on his Twitch sites. Learn how to watch the action on Twitch with our helpful guide on How to Use Twitch Effectively.

PAX Unplugged is an event apart from the rest, and it started in 2017 when the organizers recognized the growing demand from its hand-animated fan base. Unplugged focuses entirely on board games, card games, and the RPG aspect of the action.

The other three events focus on all things gaming with massive displays of the latest technology, indie studios’ platforms to showcase their work to potential investors, and mega tournaments. A weekend filled with music, demos, and talks will fill any video game lover. 

3. Tokyo Games Show

After the main event was canceled in 2021, the Tokyo Games Show, commonly called TGS, was officially at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center.

Held over four days, the event showcases the best of what most Japanese game companies offer, with several companies from outside the country allowed in as more significant releases are announced. This Japanese toy fair started as a bi-annual event in 1996; now, it is held only once a year and has attracted more than 280 people in 2018.

This event presents itself slightly differently than the previous two, with its four days of duration divided into the first two days dedicated exclusively to everyone with a major in the sector and the second two open to the public. This gives publishers time to spend with those who keep the money moving across the industry before the big show hits the public.

Japan is undoubtedly the frontrunner in the video game industry, with major studios like Konami, Square Enix, and Capcom all originating from the island. There will always be big announcements from some of the most prestigious and longest-running studios, with new titles announced and new additions to some long-time favorites getting the industry going.

In 2022, after a two-year hiatus from the show proper, the event will occur online and in person. It was billed as a highly improved online experience and had all 46 schedules streamed live via YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you feel like you’re missing out on the experience of being in a group, you’ll be happy to know that you can Watch YouTube with Friends. Event tickets can be purchased for $7.50 online or $9 upon physical arrival.

Game prizes

Started in 2014 by host and producer Geoff Keighley, this show mainly focuses on Game of the Year, as the name suggests. There have also been several announcements of new games throughout the show, and an additional look at previous reports is also given. The defining moment for video game news seekers came in 2014 when Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild premiered its first TGA gameplay reveal.

An event is presented, The Game Prizes For One Day only, and is broadcast live and for free around the world. It can be viewed on almost any streaming platform, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and Steam. The show boasted a whopping 85 million viewers in 2021, and this show airs in December for higher audiences every year.

This event may not be at the forefront of gaming news and announcements, but there is usually an exciting new event that will keep the video game industry on the cutting edge for a few weeks. This one-day complimentary event is worth scheduling to see who won Game of the Year so you know what to add to your deck if you haven’t already.

What will be the next in-game event?

There are plenty of opportunities to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the ever-changing world of video games other than E3.

With a vast range of events ranging from award-winning events such as The Game Awards to Gamescom, Germany’s important four-day event, there’s something for everyone. What in-game event are you most looking forward to?