The Complete Guide to the Batman Arkham Games: Release Dates and History

Recently, WB Games Montreal announced Gotham Knights, the upcoming Batman video game series release, A favorite of many fans. However, there are still many game lovers out there who have never played all the previous Batman games.

If you fall into this particular category, it’s time to play previous Batman games to learn more about what precedes the story of Gotham Knights, even if Gotham Knights is not part of the Batman Arkham series.

If you’re going to do that, you’re in luck. This article will discuss all the Batman games in order of release and history. You can complete the story of the Batman Arkham series before the release of the Gotham Knights video game next year.

Batman Arkham games in order of release

Batman: Arkham Asylum (August 2009)

Batman: Arkham Asylum is the first game in the Arkham series, released in 2009. The game is available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac OS X, Xbox One, and PS4. Everything about Batman Arkham Asylum, from the storytelling to the combat, was so excellent that the game was titled ” The Greatest DC Comics Hero Game of All Time .”

In the video game, Batman must face his archenemy, Joker, who plans to take over Arkham Asylum and trap Batman inside with several dangerous enemies. Also, with Batman trapped inside Arkham Asylum, the Joker intends to threaten Gotham City with several bombs planted throughout the city.

Now, Batman must defeat characters like Scarecrow and Bane inside Arkham Asylum and use his liberating skills to break out of the asylum of psychopathic criminals to save the city.

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, and Classic Mac OS

Batman: Arkham City (October 2011)

After the success of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios decided to release a sequel to the game in 2011. Arkham City was a huge success and won several awards like its predecessor. It is even regarded as one of the most fantastic action games ever due to its narrative and gameplay.

The story of Arkham City takes place one year after the events of the first game in the Arkham series.

When Arkham Sanitarium can no longer hold the city’s notorious criminals in the facility, the authorities decide to purchase the city’s slum to turn it into a prison known as Arkham City.

Batman realizes that Doctor Hugo Strange, the guardian of Arkham City, is up to something sinister. He then investigates the situation by entering Arkham City, where Cat Woman accompanies him. And yes, you have to play Cat Woman to accomplish some of the things Batman can’t.

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Wii U, OS X

Batman: Arkham Origins (October 2013)

If you’re considering playing the Batman games in order of release, Batman Arkham Origins ranks third in the Arkham series.

Unlike Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Rocksteady Studios did not develop Origins. Instead, the game was created by WB Games Montreal, a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment subsidiary.

The story of Batman Arkham Origins takes place five years before the events of Arkham Asylum. It’s about a younger Batman facing several dangerous villains, including the Joker and Anarky, who come after him after Black Mask puts a massive bounty on him. Also, the corrupt SWAT team goes after Batman to take the $50 million prize for themselves.

Batman Arkham Origins has been praised for the many things it offers, including its story, voice acting, and main battles. Other than that, many fans of the Batman Arkham series were disappointed with the game due to some constant glitches. Also, unlike its predecessors, Origins needs more attention to detail.

Platforms: Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android, iOS

Batman: Arkham Knight (June 2015)

Arkham Knight is the latest installment in the Batman Arkham series. So this is the last game you must play to complete Batman games in order of release.

Rocksteady Studios developed Batman Arkham Knight, one of the best action-adventure games 2015. Critics and fans alike enjoyed everything from the storytelling to the gameplay of Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the sequel to the 2011 Arkham City. The game takes place nine months after the prison break in Arkham City. After what finally happened in Arkham City (no spoilers), the citizens of Gotham feel much safer.

However, Batman’s enemies, like Scarecrow, Penguin, and Harley Quinn, team up with one goal: killing Batman. Interestingly, Batman is not alone this time as Nightwing, BatGirl, and Robin support him in taking down the notorious criminals.

Also, this is the first Batman Arkham Collection game to feature the Batmobile. So, you are motivated enough to complete all previous Batman games in order and finally play Batman Arkham Knight.

Platforms: Windows, PS4, and Xbox One

Batman Arkham games in story order

Now that you know how to play Batman Arkham in release order, it’s time to learn a few details about story order.

If you are into it, you must already know that Batman: Arkham Origins, the third game in the Batman Arkham series, is the forerunner of the first game in the Batman Arkham series.

So, if you like playing the Batman Arkham games in story order, here’s how the list goes:

Serial numberBatman toys order of historyRelease date

Serial numberBatman  toys  order of historyRelease date
1Batman: Arkham OriginsOctober 2013
2Batman Arkham AsylumAugust 2009
3Batman: Arkham CityOctober 2011
4Batman: Arkham KnightJune 2015

Gotham Knights – New Batman Game (2021)

“Gotham Knights” is the next Batman video game series installment to be released in 2021. It is an RPG developed by WB Games Montreal, the same studio that developed Arkham Origins.

The story of Gotham Knights should start after the end of Batman: Arkham Knight. The game will have four different playable characters, such as Nightwing, BatGirl, Robin, and Little Red Riding Hood, each superhero having abilities and skills. Surprisingly enough, Gotham Knights will also include co-op multiplayer, which is very exciting.

Gotham Knights will already have an original story unrelated to other Batman Arkham games. However, when you play all the Arkham games before the new Batman game, Gotham Knights will still connect you better to the entire game.

Questions and answers about Batman games

Is Gotham Knights an Arkham game?

No, even though the story of Gotham Knights begins after Batman’s death in Arkham City, WB Games Montreal has confirmed that Gotham Knights is not part of the Batman Arkham series.

Who is Robin in Gotham Knights?

Tim Drake is the Robin of the Gotham Knights, the same young prodigy who appeared in Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Who is the BatGirl in Gotham Knights?

Barbara Jordan, daughter of the late Commissioner “Jim Jordan,” is the Batgirl of the Gotham Knights. Interestingly, she has also provided support for Batman in previous games.

Is Batman dead in Gotham Knights?

A Gotham Knights trailer shows Batman dead, which is shown at the end of Arkham Knight. However, some rumors suggest that Batman may survive in the world of Gotham Knights.

Ranking of the Batman Arkham series: Packaging

So, here you are; Every Batman game you must play to complete the Arkham games in order. In addition to the games mentioned above, there are several Arkham spin-offs. However, we have chosen to leave out the episodic elements as they contribute little to the story of Batman Arkham. If you have any questions about Batman Arkham Games Ranking, please ask them in the comment box!