How To Enable Voice Chat In Rocket League

They led Transfer Rocket League Recently from a free game subscription model to a massive increase in the number of players per day. New people are trying out the game, while others who previously bought it through Steam are now enjoying the free DLC packs and in-game goodies they can purchase after this transition. Either way, Rocket League has reached new heights with its competitive gameplay and exotic graphics.

If you’ve recently joined Rocket League, you may have noticed that there’s no easy way to chat with your friends and teammates, especially if you’re using a dedicated gaming device. You can get pre-made messages, but this remains concerning text chat restrictions in the game. This is why many people prefer Voice Chat In Rocket League, but finding the option to turn it on is challenging. Let’s see how to activate voice chat in Rocket League.

How to activate voice chat in Rocket League

using the keyboard

The default key for Voice Chat in Rocket League is “F. “Pressing and holding the F key will allow you to Chat with your friends. While you can hear your friends normally, you must hold down the “F” button if you want to talk to them. Your audio will stop streaming to other players when you let go of the “F” key.

using the controller

The controller uses “RB ” as the default key to activate voice chat. You can press RB Talk to your friends as long as you like. Like on a keyboard, releasing this button will stop broadcasting the audio to other players and teammates.

Change the default voice chat key/button.

To change the default voice chat key to a different key, follow the guide below.

Open Rocket League on your system and scroll down to select “options. “

Now click/tap RB and go to “Controls. “

Now click on “View/Change Links. “

You will now see a list of all virtual vital associations. Scroll down and look for Voice Chat.

Click “Voice Chat.” Now tap on the new key you want to assign to voice chat.

The new key/button link will now be saved automatically. You can now press your newly assigned button during gameplay and chat with your teammates.

Things to keep in mind

  • A quick chat is visible to everyone; Colleagues and opponents.
  • Text chat/text messages are only visible to players using the same platform as you. This means that PC gamers can only see text messages from other PC users.
  • Essential cross-platform voice chat support is currently absent. Psyonicx plans to include it at some point, but more information on this issue needs to be provided.
  • The Epic Games version of Rocket League does not currently have voice chat support.

Why is voice chat unavailable or not working for me?

Unfortunately, if you’re new to Rocket League through Epic games, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the ability to voice chat with your friends and family currently needs to be added. This move by Psyonix appears to be part of the transition, and the company is expected to introduce voice chat support in the coming weeks. Many experts speculate that this restriction is in place due to game developers’ limited server resources.

The Epic version of the game is free to play and has already brought millions of users who must have been a hit to the server space. To ensure the proper functioning of the online servers, the developers have chosen to put these restrictions in place if necessary. But that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with your friends and teammates during challenges. Let’s look at how to do this.

Workaround # 1: Use text chat and a quick chat

This isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s the only local way within Rocket League to allow you to communicate with any player in a match. The game also has dedicated quick chat controls, meaning you can message your opponents and teammates without typing the entire message. And for times when you need to express yourself, you have the potential “text chat. “

By default, the text chat function is activated by pressing the “T” key. Like the voice chat key, it can be reset to any key you like using the guide above. After pressing the custom key, Rocket League will display a text chat box in the upper left corner of the screen where you can type any message you like.

Workaround # 2: Use a third-party service

If you still want to use the voice chat feature within Rocket League, we recommend using a service like Discord. This will allow you to audio/video chat with your friends in real time while sharing your gameplay. You can also use Discord to build your community so you don’t have to interact with other Rocket League players. The downside to this workaround is that you can only chat with your teammates and players using Discord if they’ve already been added to your Discord server. Here is a neat guide to help you set Discord up with Rocket League anytime.

Download Discord for your PC with this link if you haven’t already. Then install it on your system. Once installed, double-click the icon to launch Discord.

Once you launch Discord, you will be asked to sign in to your account. You can log in if you already have an account or use the “Create an account” to create a new account.

You will now be logged into Discord. Start by clicking the “+” icon in the left sidebar of your screen.

Select Model the games from this screen.

Now enter a name for your new server.

When you’re done, click “Build” in the lower-right corner of the dialog.

Your game server will now be created. Tap “Invite your friends “To start.

You will now get a temporary link for your friends to join your new server. Copy this link and send it to them using your preferred communication method, whether email or instant messaging.

Once your friend clicks the link, they can join your Discord server and should appear in the list of participants in the far right tab of the Discord server window.

Now click “games” in the left sidebar of the screen to enter the audio server. Ask your friends to do the same.

It would help if you were online now and could chat with anyone else. You can use the different controls below to use the Discord broadcast however you like. Now you return to Rocket League and host a new challenge with your friend. You should then be able to chat with him during matches using Discord in the background.

You can also click the “Join” icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to share the screen preview with all your Discord servers. This can be especially useful during high-stakes games or personal tournaments where other Participants want to follow your game because Rocket League doesn’t offer the ability to watch games.

We hope this guide helps you chat easily within Rocket League, depending on your platform. If you have any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using the comments section below.