The Art of Stealth: A Guide to Successful Stealth Games

Stealth and stealth games have always held a special place in the gaming world. Instead of aiming left, right, and center at enemies and trying to take them out, these games require you to use tactics to get past them without their eyes on you.

The genre has seen many popular franchises, from the popular Castle Wolfenstein to the iconic Metal Gear series. But what are some of the defining characteristics of stealth games? How does it work in general? Let’s find out.

What are stealth and stealth games?

There is no doubt that there is a significant player base who are closely related to stealth and stealth games, those games that force you to move slowly and examine the situation before making any uncalculated moves, unlike shooter games that focus entirely on the exchange of opening fire and wreaking havoc in any area. Step over your feet.

Stealth games require precise movement, hiding, and disguises to avoid opponents. Players only have a little ammo and must sneak around enemy territory with the tools.

Stealth games sometimes use linear gameplay, requiring you to evaluate enemy movements to make your way through the level. Some games may drop you into an open world or a larger locked chest, allowing you to figure out the way forward. You can increase enemy awareness difficulty and make your experience more realistic.

An example of this is Dishonored and its sequel, Dishonored 2. Both games put you in an open environment, allowing you to find your way around. Find shortcuts, create alliances, and reach the next waypoint. You can try to fight your way through, but your enemies are more likely to overwhelm you and be killed.

That doesn’t mean linear stealth games can’t be fun. Alien: Isolation is a great game that mixes survival horror elements into the mix. In this game, the hero finds himself in a spaceship and is chased by an alien.

Make a lot of noise, and he will find out where you are. The experience fills you with awe, especially when the alien is nearby. The game requires you to think carefully and quickly find a hiding place. 

How do stealth games work?

The most outstanding example of a well-made stealth and stealth game is Metal Gear Solid. For a good reason, metal Gear Solid 3 and 4 have been widely rated as some of the best stealth games ever released. It also perfectly sums up how this genre works.

Focus on avoiding enemies.

Most stealth games give you a remarkable achievement if you manage to avoid enemies altogether and pass the level. While traditional action games require you to fight enemies, stealth games prefer to avoid melee.

Emphasis on level design

Cast light and shadows often play a large part in level design in stealth games. You have many places to hide as a player, and dark areas better protect you from enemies’ eyes. You can disable light sources to move freely through the levels.

Rather than going the obvious route, the level design often encourages players to seek alternative ways to hide.

Increase awareness of artificial intelligence.

The main feature of popular stealth games is the use of artificial intelligence. Enemies often react to the player’s actions, such as disabling the light source. The enemy may also become wiser for a time when they sense an intruder in their midst. He will begin to look around, straying from his designated path.

This leads to unpredictability, as the player’s actions determine how enemies respond.

Limited means

While action games often give you an endless supply of weapons, stealth games generally offer limited means of combat. On the other hand, enemies can drop you very quickly if they spot you. This requires you to think differently about turning around, focusing on evasion as much as possible. 

Many stealth games now include other elements.

Stealth games have evolved quite a bit in the last decade or so. Many now include other elements, such as linear and non-linear level designs and varying enemy difficulties. As more and more people like to play serialization games, popular stealth games often include elements of survival horror in the mix.