The Top Strategies for Winning in Among Us

Among Us, the game that has been on the shelf in a quiet section of the Steam store for nearly two years, is now, thanks to a sudden love streak from live streams and YouTubers, The Most Streamed Single Game on Twitch ( with double that of League of Legends and triple that of Fortnite and Modern Warfare) and third on Steam. Charts Right after CS: GO and Dota 2 with nearly three hundred thousand real-time players at any one time.

So, you may have heard of an ‘Among Us’ game, and you’re thinking about giving it a chance to see what all this proliferation is all about, or maybe not, and you’re in desperate need of an intense training course to improve your skills in the game. In any case, you need to know how to play Among Us.

What a match Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction game based on the real-life hit game of the 1980s, WereWolf (also known as Mafia), which is all about discovering who the rogue villains have been hidden among the pack (the Werewolf). The focus of WereWolf is werewolves. Every night, the werewolves pick one player and kill them, and every morning all the players argue about who they think is a predator and gradually vote for the players.

Werewolves lie, blame others, and do their best to cope by providing misinformation, while the villagers do their best to find out what they are after. The werewolves win when they reach parity in numbers with the villagers, and the villagers win when all the werewolves are voted out.

Among Us, It is based on the same approach. Approx. Where four to ten players find themselves as the crew of a spaceship ready to launch, tasked with a series of actions to complete on the map, these tasks consist of maintenance work on critical systems, such as rewiring or refueling engines, with each mission taking the form of a mini-game to achieve a successful takeoff. Everything would be simple if it weren’t for the team of “crooks” posing as one the actual crew members, where criminals are given a fake to-do list and can sabotage map systems, move across vents and identify other scammers.

Like WereWolf, the crew must figure out who the con man is and vote him out. Unlike Werewolf, emergency votes can be claimed at any time, and victory can be achieved in several ways: the crew wins if they vote against all crooks or when they can take off. At the same time, the ‘thieves’ team wins if all crew members are killed through outright killing or Sabotaging critical targets. When a crook performs a sabotage, there is an immediate consequence (such as all lights out), or a countdown begins, and the sabotage must be resolved before the count reaches zero; crew members can determine the sabotage in different ways depending on the sabotage that was performed. If a player dies, he becomes a ghost;

If a player finds a dead body, they can report it, leading to an instant meeting where players discuss who is a potential fraud based on the evidence surrounding the murder. If a majority vote is reached on a player, that player is kicked out of the vehicle and dies, and whether or not they are cheating is revealed. Players can also request an urgent meeting at any time by pressing the button in the center of the map. Players can only communicate during meetings and only if they are alive, although ghosts can talk to each other.

how to Practice Among Us

Among Us Game is Available on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Click the link below to download it on the platform of your choice.

Click the Install button in the App/Play Store to download and install the game. To be able to play the game through Steam (Windows), you will need to download the Steam app. Or not. Once the game is installed, launch it and follow the instructions below to start playing with friends, online or locally (offline).

How to invite friends and play with them

Enjoy the game Among Us. With a huge player base, chances are you’re not the only one of your acquaintances who own the game, so check out all the few friends you have and round them up to start a party among Us. The game improves when trusted friends and family backstab and lie to each other ;p.

How to play online multiplayer mode in Among Us

  • To set up the game so you can play online, the first thing you need to do is tap ONLINE.
  • Three options will appear: host, public, or private. If you’re trying to challenge yourself and your friends to end the last shred of trust between you, click guest.
  • You will get a list of settings that need configuring, from map selection to the number of cheats, players, and room language. After modifying it as you like, click on “Confirm To open what’s right for you in a private room.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the Play Party code. Send this code to your friends and ask them to click on the “Private” tab when selecting Online In Among Us and ask them to enter the code.
  • This will give them access to the room. Once you have enough players, that’s it! You can start the fun of backstabbing, traveling, and controversy!

How to play local multiplayer mode in Among Us

  • Another option for killing relationships with friends and family in your vicinity is local multiplayer.
  • Opening an Among Us game will select a Local Show host choice or selection from the list of available games.
  • Clicking on the host takes you to the private room, where you can customize settings while waiting for friends and family to join.
  • All your friends need is to connect to the same Wi-Fi network where you and your private room will be listed as Local Games Available.

Among Us Like a Pro!

For a crew member

Your goal is to complete all the tasks needed to get the spacecraft off the ground, considering that one of the crew members might be the imposter. Traveling together as a group can be beneficial because there is safety in numbers, but having multiple tasks that need to be done in separate and sometimes isolated areas of the ship makes separation necessary. This is where crew members are most vulnerable to harming an imposter, and when staying in touch and being extra vigilant becomes essential.

Crew members (and the team of impersonators) have access to a management map and security cameras that can be used to monitor the rest of the crew. Keeping track of where your teammates are and where and when they are is an essential skill in learning to play Among Us.

Thieves can sabotage targets, so if you walk past a crew member rushing from an area that has just been vandalized, disappear from a room with an air vent, or a body reported where someone was moments ago, chances are good. To identify the scammer, See of openings, and notice anyone who seems to be rapidly moving around the map. This could mean he exploits the ventilation system, which only a team of criminals can do.

TL; DR: Always know where other crew members are b Mobility. Watch out for suspicious behavior. Be careful when you are alone.

For the fraud

As a scammer, your job is straightforward. Kill all crew members without ever being revealed that you are the thief. This can be difficult because everyone is suspicious of everyone else. But it can also be simple because everyone doubts everyone else.

Take advantage of the ship’s air vents to stay out of range and hard to track as you sabotage targets and kill suspected teammates, ensuring you sow suspicion and paranoia through disinformation whenever an encounter takes place. Filing false reports, appearing informed with regular and accurate updates, pretending to complete tasks, subtly blaming others – a good scammer mixes truth and lies to confuse and mislead his teammates without showing himself too much.

To survive, the thief must be skilled, but he must also act quickly. Killing crew members when the opportunity arises so they don’t have time to alert other crew members of your presence is critical to your success as a thief.

When killing, pay attention to the camera system. The cameras will flash red when you use them, so before you allow yourself to be devoured by bloodshed, check nearby cameras for uninvited bystanders.

TL; DR: Sabotage targets to prevent spacecraft from taking off and misleading the crew with misleading information and false accusations from time to time. Be specific. Kill quickly.

Among Us tips and tricks

Rogue: Unleash your inner sociopath.

Take an adjective from the Werewolf playbook. Remember to lie, interrupt discussions, and spread misinformation without clarifying that this is your goal. If you can subtly nudge people in the wrong direction without applying too much pressure, you can let the chaos unfold without drawing any critical eyes on you beforehand.

Fraud: Beware of false accusations.

Going from 0 to 100 to blame your teammate is a weapon deployed sparingly. For starters, the person you’re trying to hang up on may have an excuse or a witness to back them up. You may be pushing too hard and be eager to blame someone. Alternatively, once innocent bystanders were ejected, and the bodies continued to pile up, suspicion would naturally fall on the person leading the charge. Instead, he tries to pretend he’s just another crew member doing his best to identify the imposter, Using questions more than accusations.

Robber: You must look busy.

This means sitting at stations for a few seconds to give the impression that you’ve completed your homework. When moving around the ship, mask that you are heading towards a target – this can coincide with backstabbing people at work in the station you are heading towards.

Crew Member: Communicate as much as possible, but listen to others.

When you call a meeting, provide your teammates as much information as possible. You never know what might be essential and what might back up what other people are saying. However, make sure what you say is accurate, as scammers thrive on spreading disinformation.

Crew: Be calm (but not too calm).

It’s okay to go unnoticed when you’re a con man, but if you stay calm when people discuss the body that’s just been revealed in Medicine Cove, it’s a loud way to yell, “You did it!” Referring to you.

We hope you enjoyed this crash course on how to play Among Us. When it comes down to it, success is in an Among Us game. It’s more art than science. Remember these general principles as you play with your gut; With experience will come success.