Maximizing Your Gameplay: The Ultimate Artefact Guide for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is different from most games. Well, it’s like Breath of the Wild. And yes, it is assumed to share some similarities with Spellbreak. But, for the most part, Genshin Impact is a game with few titles to match. It’s an action RPG. RPG ) is packed with depth in its lore, a precise combat system, and a high production value offered for free on mobile devices and dedicated game consoles and PCs. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything comparable to it on the market.

Genshin Impact stands out in the details it displays—details like switching between characters — details like artifacts. We have reviewed a large selection of Genshin Impact guides.

But now it’s time for the Genshin Impact Artifact Guide.

The story provided by Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s big draw is its massive open world filled with hidden secrets, puzzles, mini-games, and challenges; developer MiHoYo has drawn much inspiration from Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild.

But Genshin Impact also has a whole story that’s worth checking out because many of the features are unlocked until you complete specific tasks, like getting the glider by hand, so while you might be tempted to take off in one direction and not look back, it’s best to do a mix of story missions and exploration, the tasks will often take you from the central city of “Mondstadt,” this is the perfect time to take the scenic route to your goal of gathering resources and fighting optional bosses, the good news is that every activity you do is rewarded with experience points for your team members, as well as your overall level with the adventurous rank.

With the help of Paimon, a kind-hearted spirit guide, your quest will take you through beautiful forests, bustling cities, and treacherous lands. And while your journey may pit you against ruthless adversaries and fiendish mysteries, you can count on more than 30 allies you can recruit to join your customized party of four, harnessing the power of the elements to overcome all obstacles.

I also recommend not using the Quick Travel system to teleport around the map unless you are sure you have found everything in that area; hidden chests, power-up items, and secret missions are all over the place; you will easily miss it if you are browsing from one place to another.

Genshin Impact Artefact Guide: Leveling, Stats, and Priority

Unlike most other RPGs, gear in Genshin Impact doesn’t come in armor with varying material grades. Instead, it’s separated into five distinct artifact slots. Each artifact provides a “core core” bonus that offers most of its value and many other secondary stats from upgrading the tool.

Each artifact slot has a critical attribute that it enhances, such as Feather for attacking or Flower for HP. It doesn’t matter what a feather or flower is, what the secondary stats are, what part it’s set to, or how you want to build it; The basic stats of each slot are the same for all of its artifacts, with only the value, secondary stats, and specific rewards changing.

99.9% of the time, you will need your max attack over and above any other stat. It is the basis for the usefulness of all other damage-oriented stats. Critical rate, monetary damage, item mastery – none matters if you don’t have your basic attack to extract real value from those increased bonuses.

Initially, each artifact must increase the attack ratio of at least one of its stats.

The only exception to this rule is in the case of specific support characters whose base value scales with a different status, such as Barbara, whose healing scales with max HP, or Noel, who deals extra damage from an increase in Defense.

The secondary attack is Critical Modifier and Critical Damage, followed by Item Mastery (which deserves its check). That’s because Genshin Impact rewards players who float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; Hitting without getting hit is the gameplay of Genshin Impact. Even characters like Noel, who can lean into high Defense, are best used with an evasive style because if you can destroy your enemies before they can destroy you, you don’t need that Defense.

Genshin Impact Artefact Guide: How to Format God-Level Artifacts (Rarity Doesn’t Matter!)

You have to learn to be tough on your artifacts to get the stats you need. You must be patient and willing to play the long game regarding character growth.

It works like this:

Since, as explained above, artifacts gain new secondary stats every four levels or boost an existing group, and you want to prioritize attack/damage above all else, it’s in your best interest to throw anything/all in the feed bin to level up the artifact Best time when bad stats are introduced. Even if you have one attack, one attack speed, and one critical damage, if the RNG gods give you Defense on that one stat, stop leveling that excellent artifact and start dropping a new one with potential.

Think of it like lawn care. Some crops will be better than others, and you need to find the lucrative pumpkin of the patch. Which option wins the Farmer’s Contest or whatever these things are called (let’s play hard to find out)? This means removing weeds. Get rid of negative stats like Defense or HP (except for specific cases like Noelle or Barbara).

Sure enough, he continued to wear the artifact that had just appeared on Defense as a secondary fourth position. Wear it until you get a better one. But put it at the bottom of the pile of food. You might be thinking, “But! But! What kind of artifact guide is this? What about all that experience that fueled it? I can’t get rid of all this, can I?”

The truth is: you can. And you have to.

You can get back 70-80% of the XP you put into an artifact when you dismantle it, so you don’t lose everything. Yes, you lose a good chunk of XP, but that’s the price you pay for maximum god power, and it’s so worth it.

With this slow and gradual process of healing artifacts, you will eliminate all those bad stats until you get purple or even blue, which can turn your team into a four-person wrecking ball.

However, more casual gamers can make do with minor tweaks depending on their intensity level. With so many RNG levels to work out to get the flawless desired artifact and a lot of cultivation required in AR Rank 40+ to level up five-star artifacts for most intentions and purposes, feel free to leave poor stats in the middle. Occasionally.

You can beat disappointing artifacts and decent player skills to complete the main story, where it’s so far. Those looking for maximum performance need to control artifacts with an iron fist.

Genshin Impact Artifact Tips: Farm and Better?

Our Genshin Impact Artifacts guide would only be complete if we told you upfront that the best Genshin Impact artifacts are locked behind a resin wall. It costs 20 Resin to claim rewards from the domain you want, and with both Resin and Trounce Domain(s) with Timegate, you might get something else.

You start building your character once you choose your target group. Research specific groups to select the rewards you want to target. Experimentation and wasting compromises can set you back days, if not weeks, of trying to maximize that perfect set once you get your hands on it.

Farming Artifacts is a step-by-step process, and like most F2P games, you should focus on enjoying the journey rather than the destination. You don’t need Genshin Impact’s Artifact Handbook to tell you that with random stats for each artifact, even if you get the combination you want, you still owe it to the will of the RNG gods to get the stats right. So, you have to play hard.

Because it takes some time.