Rule 1 in Rocket League: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars, are at stake. Several thousand hours of blood, sweat, and tears lie behind you on the road that brings you here. Every decision you’ve made, every left turn you’ve made or not, every friendship you’ve made, lost or broken, has brought you here. Right now. Until this moment.

At this year’s RLCS Finals, where you finally got the chance to prove to your parents that skipping college to be a¬†Rocket League¬†pro Was the right move? No. The real challenge ahead of you is more important than something as ordinary as money. or fame. Or family.

This is the #1 rule of Rocket League. You should know the first and most important rule and the only necessary power. This will be important.

What is the #1 rule in Rocket League?

Rule no. 1 in Rocket League: Once you’ve entangled yourself with another player and your horns are locked, only the unknown gods of Rocket League decide when to let go. You cursed the championship finals. Damn, the family unit. Financial stability is also damned.

Rule 1 of Rocket League is a model of fighting between two game theory players with the highest stakes of any known sport. Above, you’re watching an accurate RLCS match. Description: You are watching two top-tier elites in Rocket League who adhere to the most sacred unwritten rules of Rocket League. They were bound together by sparks and steel when they collided with the headdress they knew.

Why does Rocket League Base 1 exist?

Why should it be? Rule 1 is an inevitable byproduct of the game, where all cars have the same speed and power as each other. What differs in Rocket League vehicles is only the look and success. Indeed, Rocket League is not Gran Turismo or FIFA.

Rocket League is a game of explosions, twisted metal, billowing smoke, burning rubber, and a giant ball. Rocket League is more a game of skill than a game of statistics, and the best Rocket League players aren’t the best because they train hard, play smart, and are fully dedicated to the craft; The best are the best because they know that sometimes Sometimes they need to take an unnecessary look and stop being stubborn regardless of the consequences.

There is no reason or how not to let you cancel. Sure, you can do the thing. Logical “And just walk away, return to your teammates who count on your cooperation, and do your best to win the game.

But there’s just something about placing an unnecessary cap on any benefit you may have given in a gritty show that feels right :

Rule 1 is to withdraw at the right time.