The Basics of Pay To Fast Games: A Comprehensive Guide

You may have heard the term “Pay Too Fast” before. While the time is uncommon, it is often confused with “Pay To Win.” However, many new and popular games can be considered based on the Pay To Fast mechanic. 

What is Pay To Fast games?

Pay To Fast, or Pay2Fast or P2F, is a term used for video games that allow you to advance faster if you spend real money. It should be noted that players who pay for P2F do not get any exclusive items or boosts, which means that players who play for free will still have the opportunity to play and progress through the game without spending any money. However, they will have to spend much more time than P2F players regarding the difficulty of the missions.

What is some popular Pay To Fast games?

Many free games come to mind when you think of Pay To Fast or Pay To Win games. The truth is that many free games are also based on the “Pay To Fast” or even “Pay To Win” system.

You can see how Pay To Fast works in many mobile games. Many video games such as Clash Royale, Brawlstars, or Clash of Clans are considered “Pay To Fast” games (although many people also use the term “Pay To Win”).

These games are called Pay To Fast because the money you use will only help you upgrade cards or characters faster. While this will give you an edge, especially when playing against a free player, it won’t necessarily win games automatically.

Another great example is Genshin Impact. While some aspects of the game can be considered “Pay To Win,” the truth is that if you spend real money, you can unlock more heroes or level up faster than regular players. Again, that’s an unfair advantage, but it doesn’t technically push you to win.

That doesn’t mean that all mobile or free games are bad. Some excellent free mobile games still need ads or in-app purchases, but they are sometimes hard to find.

Comparison between “Pay To Fast” and “Pay To Win”: What is the difference?

Pay To Fast and Pay To Win games share many similarities. However, it is not based on the same term, although many games can be considered based on Pay To Fast and Pay To Win mechanics.

As mentioned above, Pay To Fast games will allow you to unlock weapons, items, heroes, etc., giving you an unfair advantage when facing a free opponent but won’t necessarily give you a win.

For example, if you play Clash Royale and pay to upgrade all your cards to level 13, you will have a clear advantage against an opponent with level 11 cards. However, a free player can play long and hard and eventually achieve the same level of 13 cards but will have to make an effort older than you.

Also, if both players play a game of cards at the same level, the more skilled player has a better chance of winning, whether or not he spends any money on the game.

On the other hand, “Pay To Win” games give the player a complete edge that the free player does not have. For example, a game might offer exclusive gear or characters to players willing to pay real money. Players who play for free will never have a chance to win against a pay-to-win player, no matter how skilled they are. 

Comparison between P2W and P2F

There is a gray area between these two terms. Most games will benefit real money players, which can be P2W or P2F.

While P2W and P2F are different, they mean the same thing: an unfair advantage for people willing to pay real money.

However, some differences may make the game dependent on “Pay To Fast” or “Pay To Win.” The most important thing to know is that you must be very careful with both types of games, as they mostly try to make you buy digital items for your hard-earned cash.