The Best Management Games to Hone Your Strategic Skills

When people say video games, the first thing that comes to mind for many is high-intensity first-person shooters or high-speed racing games. These titles will not help if you want to play video games for relaxation and stress relief.

Luckily, gaming genres aren’t limited to action-packed titles. Some games focus on exploration and adventure, while others focus on building and management. If both tasks are convenient, you’re in luck. This is because we will list the best exploration, construction, and management games you can play. Check out our list below.

1. Astronaut

If you are looking for a casual gaming experience and simple graphics but still want to have a lot of places to explore, check out Astroneer. This game transports you to an Earth-like planet, where you start with only your home, a multiplayer, and a landing pad.

While Astroneer’s gameplay is simple and easy to learn, it takes time to master. Whether you plan to take things slow or want to build a complete sprawling base, a pen, and paper should be with you.

2. Captain of Industry

In Captain of Industry, You are the captain of a cargo ship involved in an unknown global crisis. After finding refuge on an uninhabited island, you and your crew build infrastructure to extract resources, equip your farm, and create more advanced infrastructure. Once your island grows, you can navigate to find people and trade with different markets. Eventually, you’ll be old enough to launch a ship into Space.

You’ll be playing this early access game from a bird’s-eye view as you manage your small island and grow it into a regional powerhouse. There is also a world map view, where you can explore the rest of the world to find resources to expand your island further.

3. Do not starve together.

Don’t Starve Together Is a multiplayer expansion to the single-player survival game, Don’t Starve. In this game, you fall into a 2D animated world in an alternate reality. Whether alone or with other players, you must work to survive in the wilderness.

Explore your environment, find a suitable place to build and develop farms and fight other creatures you meet in the dark world of Don’t Starve Together.

4. My time in Sandrock

If you want to play a light and exhilarating exploration, building, and management game, consider My Time at Sandrock. Although it is sometime after the apocalypse, the city you live in actually has city dwellers with many buildings. The game environment is bright and airy; you won’t feel alone as you help rebuild civilization.

This early access game is perfect if you want to build and explore in a pleasant and friendly place.

5. No Man’s Sky

Bring back a Nobody’s Sky game Into Space, where you build your base from scratch on an unknown planet. You can explore over 18 quintillion unique worlds, so you’ll always have things to do and score.

The game also lets you play with three other players in cross-platform mode. So even if you use the computer and your other friends use PlayStation and Xbox, you can still play together and explore the galaxy’s vastness.

6. rust

If you love exploring and building but also want a good dose of combat, you must play Rust. This survival game will transport you to a procedurally created world with nothing but a rock and a torch – you don’t even have clothes. As you discover resources and unlock technologies, you can eventually build a small building and turn it into a sprawling base.

While the game has many dangers, such as hunger and wild animals, your primary threat is other players. This game encourages players to attack other players and their bases to steal equipment. You must try Rust if you are a fan of Battle Royale games and to survive.

7. Satisfactory

Return a Satisfying game to outer Space, where you land on an unexplored planet. Your mission is to gather resources, refine materials and build equipment for an extraterrestrial company called FICSIT. Your first main objective is to create a space elevator, allowing you to return the machines the company requires.

Eventually, you’ll end up with a sprawling plant as you build your base. And as you advance in automation from mining to refining to construction, you’ll soon end up with miles and miles of conveyor belts, giving you a satisfying rig.

8. Submarine

While most of the other exploration, building, and management games take place on land and in Space, this title is unique because it is the only one that takes place primarily in water. You will take control of Ryley Robinson, the sole survivor of the crash of the Aurora spacecraft on planet 4546B.

In this game, you must complete missions to advance through the story. As you complete your tasks, you will explore the vast ocean, collect resources and build tools, vehicles, and bases. You will also interact with many ocean and land creatures, some of which are hostile.

If you want a unique experience of survival, exploration, and construction, Subnautica is an address to be noticed. 

Start your era of discovery.

To relax while playing, you must try these base-building exploration games. You can spend time with most of these titles and play them however you see fit. These exploration games come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring a game for every gaming taste.

If you like space adventures, there’s Astroneer and No Man’s Sky. You can choose Don’t Starve Together if you prefer a game with a darker tone or My Time at Sandrock if you want something lighter. If you prefer more combat, there’s Rust, while Satisfying and Captain of Industry focus on running your giant manufacturing plant. Finally, if you prefer something different, Subnautica offers a unique diving experience.

So, if you are tired of being fast in racing games or getting hit in shooting games, try to relax with one of these exploration and building games. And since these titles usually take a long time to complete (if any), you will surely enjoy them for many years.