Looking for More Games Like Among Us? Check Out These Popular Alternatives

What’s the best way to spend time with friends and family? Who jokes with them by saying some tricky words, accusing them of crimes they didn’t commit, and doing everything possible to get them to act on your views and trying to hide the truth for hours and hours? Nothing. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Since you are the sneaky and evil person you are, we’d do you a favor by compiling a list of our favorite social deduction games. These games, like Among Us, Challenge your ability to hide details and pretend to tell the truth in front of people who like and admire you in fulfilling and beneficial ways. If you’re tired of what’s out there, and if you look at any game like Among Us, here it is.

In a social induction game, players try to reveal each other’s role or team loyalty. Typically, these games are played in teams, one considered “good” and the other “bad.” During the game, players can use logic and logical deduction to try to deduce each other’s roles, while other players can trick others to avoid players being suspicious of them.

Enemy aboard

  • Release date: May 08, 2020.
  • Sviluppatore: Windwalk Games.
  • Platform: Windows.
  • Price: Free.

Most similar to Among Us, Enemy Aboard is another space transformation battle against a crew just trying to complete missions to improve the menial situation aboard a spaceship. The main difference between Enemy On Board is that the team can fight – there are a variety of weapons available to all crew members, good and bad – and there are at least two aliens.

The creatures choose which crew to transform to start killing and work together to kill everyone before the team can do the same. If the game continues long enough, the staff is granted access to Power Armor which turns them into deadly killing machines that quickly turn the tables on any alien. Enemy on Board is great for those who want to play Among Us Realistic combat systems with different game modes.

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  • Release date: 1986
  • Sviluppatore: Dimitry Davidoff
  • Platform: browser, like — the deep and exciting platform of life.
  • Price: Free basics, $10+ cards

Werewolf is a classic game of the XNUMXs that owes games like Among Us with its presence. It is, along with the real-life mafia game, the perfect party game and the vanilla OG gameplay that requires only real people to play with. No materials are needed except enough stimulation to push someone to be your friend.

Werewolf requires at least seven people (odd numbers are preferred). Two werewolves will be randomly chosen; one will be the doctor, the other will be a fortune teller, and the other will be the supervisor who will organize the game. The game occurs in cycles of day and night, with werewolves killing people at night and villagers arguing about who the Werewolf is and choosing one person to kill each morning.

As you know, typical life is in the Middle Ages. Everything You Like Among Us Exists in its original form in Werewolf; False accusations, lies, misinformation, chaos, and one bonus: more cheating. Make friends for the first time, and go for it.

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secret Hitler

  • Release date: 2016
  • Sviluppatore: Max Temkin, Mike Boxleiter, Tommy Marranges
  • Podium: life, the raw and undiluted stage that represents this waking life
  • Price: Free if you want to print it all. $35 — $75 if you’re lazy and want some shiny stuff.

Created as part of Kickstarter in 2016, Secret Hitler is somewhat similar to both Werewolf and Mafia by offering itself either as a board game or simply as a set of rules that can be given away for free (although you can buy a chest in a lovely woodcut print). Like Werewolf, the game is cyclical and is divided into two groups: liberals and fascists.

This game takes place in elections to choose the person best suited for office; Fascists only know each other and have to do their best to convince liberals that they are that person (to win the leadership). Although they are fascists, you only know it in secret. Secret Hitler has a good sense of humor and is a great way to convince people that you’re not. It is, of course, a vital skill.

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Winter project

  • Release date: February 07, 2019
  • Developed by: Other Ocean
  • Platform: Windows
  • Prezzo: $ 19.99

Project Winter is like Ark: Survival Evolved and Among Us Together. A handful of strangers fall into a log cabin in the uncharted wilderness and must team up to seek rescue. Except, of course, there are two bloodthirsty psychopaths carefully planning their deaths. What makes Project Winter special is the actual survival gameplay overlaid with a social induction angle.

Survivors don’t just have to worry about traitors; Hostile wildlife and the forces of Mother Nature can be equally deadly, so it’s really in the traitor’s best interest to help some of the time. Traitors can also use the extensive crafting system to organize complex schemes; Do you want to shoot them in the head, leave a mine, or stab them in the back while you have a nice walk through the wilderness?

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Among Us 2

  • Release date: to be announced
  • Developed by: InnerSloth
  • Platform: to be announced later
  • Price: to be defined

With” Among Us Suddenly at the top of the toy food chain despite being two years old, InnerSloth recently announced They would come out with a sequel once they can control the enormous stress that automatically erupted in their servers. For years, it was Among Us was a niche indie game that quietly catered to a modest player base in its secluded segment of the Steam store.

That was until I realized to Broadcasters and YouTubers that a) the game is so much fun and b) that it offers some of the best cashless TV shows that can be purchased, and they started pumping Among Us content. It’s all in everyone’s veins, also: a willing audience. Thus, the humble indie game became the most streamed game on Twitch in months, with three times the numbers of Fortnite and Modern Warfare and doubled those found in League of Legends.

Yep, that’s pretty wild. And with this vast player base melting the ground under InnerSloth’s servers, I decided to release a sequel in 2021 with an open beta, probably somewhere in Q1 or Q2. Expect new mechanics, increased reach, and other unique content, but the same great friendship-destroying, relationship-ruining fun at its core.

Unfortunate astronauts

  • Release date: May 06, 2016
  • Sviluppatore: Geoff ‘Zag’ Keene
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free

The brightest game in this list is Unfortunate Spacemen, and it is the third game-like social induction game Among Us, whose world is based on space and in which the forms of its members change. Set in a full FPS like Enemy on Board, Unfortunate Spacemen has a unique flair for combat that we lack but takes it to the next level with fully rendered environments and more complex missions to complete alongside the mutant who is just waiting for you to get to You. one after the other.

What makes the Unfortunate Spacemen pretty special are the little things like close chat and voices fading with distance, making it easy to have private conversations and whisper lies into your friends’ ears before they transform into a bizarre monsters and kill them in the depot of the spaceship.

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City of Salem

  • Released: December 15, 2014
  • Developed by: Blank Media Games
  • Platform: browsers
  • Prezzo: $ 4.99

The city of Salem does its best to draw inspiration from Werewolf and Mafia while adding all sorts of advanced mechanics to make it more… “playable.” That is good! At least, it seems that way, with tens of thousands of mostly positive reviews on Steam. The Town of Salem has two groups of good guys and killers. The game revolves around the same kill/night, vote/day cycle but offers a variety of many roles for players to play.

Serial killer, mayor, arsonist, there are 29 completely different characters for players to choose from who interact differently, with many subtle game mechanics. Still, the same mafia experience is full of glorious Lies and Deceit. Innocent people are sentenced to death. This is good.

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Mental night

  • Release date: August 04, 2017
  • Developer: No moon
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Price: Free

Midnight is a more direct remake of Werewolf/Mafia than its similar Among Us. The game takes a cyberpunk environment to feed its idea of ​​hacking, where players are divided into minions and pirates and do their best to protect 3 out of 5 nodes. There is the usual voting and, in this case, every “discussion” about who the hacker might be, with players sending members in small teams to secure nodes and trying to deduce, based on the results, who the hackers might be among the clients.

The premise is the same: find out who the bad guys are; The gameplay is different, and how you can deduce the hackers’ identity makes more sense if you miraculously decide to apply that logic.

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Werewolves Inside

  • Release date: 06 December 2016
  • Sviluppatore: Ubisoft
  • Piattaforma: Windows, PS4
  • Prezzo: $ 4.99

For any avid VR gamer, Werewolves Inside simplifies the classical Werewolf mechanics by condensing them into a one-night stand scenario and simplifying some obvious gameplay. Werewolves can see themselves ultimately as werewolves as they are, while players see another harmless villager sitting with them at the table.

There’s even the option to chat up close so you can whisper discreetly, and the whole VR experience captures all of your angry finger-pointing and hand-waving as you accuse your loved one of killing others when in reality, you killed. Anyone who played the original with VR-enabled glasses should give Werewolves Inside some experience – it’s the same game. Still, veterans will be thrilled to return to the Gallowston Village arena.

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  • Release date: March 04, 2017
  • Developed by: Automaton Games
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free

Like Unfortunate Spacemen, Deceit takes the fundamental dynamics of a well-designed social elicitation game and packs an exciting full 3D first-person shooter game. In Deception, players enter a multi-stage level as either a survivor or an infected and must work together (sometimes) to progress toward the exit. Naturally, the infected go to great lengths to sabotage progress without alerting others to their identities and wait for the right moment to convert and kill others.

Deceit shines because the level design fosters trust issues because the inherent human tendency to distrust and doubt is not enough and forces players, even survivors, to consider giving themselves away at times. Each other is due to the scarce equipment and resources that come their way. Cheating has to be the game of choice for those who want to see how complex it is to make a social game without screwing it up.

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Here you are—ten surefire ways to ruin every relationship you’ve ever had. We hope you enjoyed this list; you are a satisfying liar. Remember to keep an eye out for Among Us 2 early next year!