Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Online is an obstacle game based on physics that has a lot of tricks and gory twists. The damage system in the ridiculous course of obstacles clearly sets it apart from other games that have a similar concept. The real life-like movements and gruesome injuries of the players serves to make it even more addictive. The game has various levels of play, all of which include bloody gory fun. The rendering of the images has just the perfect mix of detail to ensure a realistic view and a little bit cartoony to ensure that the player will not be grossed out. One has to pick the character to play with as well. Different characters have different special moves that affect their speed. An example is the zoom by the hobo, which is activated by turning on its rocket. A businessperson on Segway, homeless person on a wheelchair, a father with his son on the pillion and an obese person on a scooter are the characters in the game. You can use any of the characters in the obstacle course level whereas with other levels, the character will be automatically assigned by the game to suit the mission. The controls for this game are straight forward and easy to master. The left and right keys are mainly used to balance the character, the up key for moving the character forward, and the down key for reversing.

Happy wheels Demo

The demo version for this game is more involved as compared to other game demos. It is more of a shorter version of the full game as opposed to just a teaser. You first select a course out of nine options. You then move on to picking a character just as in the full version and the action begins. Play Happy wheels demo version for fun and entertainment. The physics of the system, thrilling pace and all the action makes it a very addictive and fun game to play.


Controls:  SPACE = Primary Action, Z = Eject, Shift & Control = Secondary actions