Fun And Engaging Virtual Fitness Games To Keep Fit At Home

If you’d instead not go to the gym and avoid the various inconveniences that come with it, then exercising at home can be just as effective. But home workouts can often become boring sessions, leading to laziness and a lack of motivation. Virtual fitness games can be just the thing for anyone who wants to work out in their living room but wants to travel just about anywhere.

The combination of fitness games and virtual reality can make getting into better fitness fun and healthy for people of all ages. So, what are virtual fitness games all about, and what are the best VR fitness games to play today?

What are virtual fitness games?

Virtual games use virtual reality technology to transport you to a different world where you can face various other challenges. VR games range from colorful and enchanting adventures like Ghost Giant to terrifying survival experiences like The Forest.

Meanwhile, some VR games focus on fitness. These virtual games help you transfer your training sessions into the virtual world and make them more fun and stressful at the same time.

Virtual fitness games are video games that use virtual reality (VR) technology, allowing users to have a realistic exercise experience in a virtual environment. These games include activities such as dance, yoga, weight lifting, cardio exercises, and others in which the player can interact with the game environment and those around him using the sensors and controls. Virtual fitness games are a fun and valuable alternative to going to the gym and can encourage users to continue their training sessions and improve their fitness.

So free up some space, grab your VR headset, and go!


Provides holofit A more complete experience than just an old-fashioned fitness game in VR. Not only does HOLOFIT give you access to fantastic virtual worlds and over 100 different workouts, but there are also six unique workout modes.

In multiplayer mode, you can train together or start a challenge against other HOLOFIT users worldwide. Plus, you can wear VR headsets and use HOLOFIT while simultaneously using cardio equipment like a rowing machine, stair climber, or bike.

2. Beat Sabre

While HOLOFIT only focuses on sessions like HIIT and cardio, the Beat Sabre Does something different while still making your cardio sessions super fun. Beat Sabre VR combines fitness, rhythm, and dance to help you get in a tough workout. The object of the game is to cut objects as they move towards you.

The trick is that the objects are actually the beats of the song being played. During the gameplay, you have to keep up with the beats of the live music to earn points and level up. Beat Sabre features original soundtracks and music packs from popular artists such as Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and BTS.

3. Dance centre

Another VR fitness game that combines fitness with rhythm is Dance Central. However, focus on Dance Central. It’s more about mastering fresh, energetic dance routines and choreography than cutting through beats with lightsabers. Dance Central also features a great soundtrack with music from popular artists like Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber.

Dance Central is about learning to dance in a virtual space that can change. The constant action of Dance Central VR will get your heart pumping while you show off your moves on the dance floor!

4. Supernatural

Want to get yourself into a full-body workout while listening to great music and enjoying beautiful places from all over the world? You need to get yourself a Supernatural Fitness VR game.

Supernatural includes a collection of over 500 fun and challenging exercises. To find what works best for you, there are different types of exercise, ranging from boxing and aerobics to meditation and stretching. Plus, the workout sessions include a virtual personal trainer, which is great if you need an extra motivational boost or some practical guidance.


For the ultimate VR boxing experience, try BOXVR. This VR boxing game keeps your heart rate high as you move and dip, like Mike Tyson. BoxVR is ideal if you like boxing but are looking for an alternative to training in the gym.

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is grab your VR headset, grab the custom controls, pick a fun workout, and start punching. Plus, BOXVR conveniently tracks calories burned as you punch, and you can even set daily goals for yourself.

6. Oh Shape

OhShape is an energizing and fun fitness experience that will make you dance, dodge, and move toward a better body. In a nutshell, give you OhForma. A very intense workout. A lot happens when you play OhShape, from smashing through obstacles to placing switches and avoiding walls that fly at you.

Best of all, everything about OhShape is highly customizable, so you have the freedom to choose from a range of popular songs, difficulty levels, and game modes. Furthermore, OhShape offers a selection of fantastic environments for a beautiful and engaging training session.

7. FitXR

Like Monta XR, a BOXVR game to some extent, and both games are from the same developers. But FitXR offers plenty of fitness options that gamers will love. In addition to the boxing studio, FitXR gives you access to four other fitness studios: dance, sculpt, combat, and HIIT.

It’s a good idea to go to all the studios to see what they have to offer, but Combat Studio is a must-try because it offers high-energy training sessions inspired by Karate, Muay Thai, and more. Combat Studio is perfect for anyone who wants a guide to bring out their inner fighter and learn martial arts. FitXR has a companion app where you can easily set goals, track your progress, and earn streaks.

8. VZFit

When you’re looking for a new and engaging way to train your entire body, whether standing or cycling, the VZFit has a lot to offer. From Norway to San Francisco, VZFit is a virtual reality fitness game where you can explore the world from the comfort of your home.

One of the unique features of VZFit is that you don’t need a stationary bike to take a virtual ride. All you have to do is get into a standing position, where you’ll perform HIIT-like exercises on a virtual machine. As you progress through your workout, the board moves forward and takes you through the millions of miles captured by Google Street View. 

Step away from the gym and try VR fitness games instead.

Some people love to exercise, while others hate it. However, who doesn’t love playing an exciting virtual reality game? Now you can forget about joining a gym and get an intense workout while having some virtual fun. Who knows, the fun of swinging a lightsaber and mastering new dance moves might make you forget you’re actually practicing!

So when you’re ready to embark on your VR fitness journey without leaving your living room, flip your workout routine and experience an immersive VR fitness session.